New Years Resolutions ~

WELCOME!  New Years Eve! Hope you are enjoying it with those you love, and very good champagne!

Premiere post time….here we GO.. enjoy the time you spend here.  I won’t promise anything but positivity, fun, fashion, information and a brief respite from the Real World.  And with that, we are LAUNCHED!


Why we do this to ourselves, I don’t know. New Years Resolutions…the cleansing of the mental palette to write our flaws on a piece of paper with a plan to eliminate them in the New Year.

Been there, done that…. And what I produce is really just MORE pressure with which to start the shiny New Year! Ultimately, I’ve learned that, despite true effort, it doesn’t end well. Another failed list to bring me right back to more soon to be failed resolutions. Full circle, and the true definition of insanity.

So this year, instead of the usual things I should be doing  better…i.e. managing weight, more exercise , patience, discipline…I’ve decided to come at my list from a different perspective.

2015 New Years Resolutions 

  • MORE JOY!IMG_0159
  • Eat food that makes your heart sing, but in moderation like French women.IMG_1049
  • Try to take pictures that capture the beauty of the ordinary day. Trust me, you will want to look back on them at years end!IMG_0961
  • When you need to take to bed for the day with re-runs, soap operas and a good novel, DO IT, but without guilt. Don’t wait to be sick to take a “me” day. Just don’t forget the cocoa.😉 Everything else will wait, and as Scarlett said “tomorrow is another day…”IMG_1249
  • Get out into nature when time allows. Ocean, trees, mountain, sky…whatever and whenever, because it will ALWAYS restore you.IMG_3573IMG_2957
  • Spend one on one time with each of my three sons. With no agenda, but just to enjoy their company.


    “Moe, Larry and Curley”, circa 1996

  • Love myself enough to see the unique, wonderful things that make me who I am… compassion, optimism, my abundance of eternal hope.


    Breaking Bad Finale Party, 2013…OH, how I miss that show!

  • Meditate when I need to, not because I “should.” IMG_3532
  • Embracing the fact that I am the only one who gets my husbands jokes!IMG_0722

These are just some of mine, but do you see the pattern? This list comes from a place of positive energy and self love. Exactly what we need more of as we age into our Best Self. When I look at this list, I see good things, things I KNOW I can do that will positively impact my year…especially cocoa in bed👍.

How will YOU be kind to yourself in 2015? ~


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