Photographs and Memories ~ 2015

Happy New Year, Lovely Ladies! 2015 promises to be a great one! Today is the perfect day to post about a project my husband and I did last year…

365 PHOTOS OF THE DAY. The concept is simple, the reward enormous. You and a partner simply commit to taking an interesting photo on your phone or camera each day, and send it to each other. At the end of the year, you can combine the pics to do a slide show and have a photo journal of your year together from both perspectives. Next New Years Eve, pour from a good bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, light some candles, and watch the year pass in a slideshow of memories. It’s AMAZING how touching it is. You will realize their was a lot of beauty in your days, no matter what kind of a year you had, and it will set the tone for another year of abundance!

Now I won’t say it’s not a challenge to commit to this, and if it is, I have a similar, much less daunting idea.

I call it SELFIE DU JOUR! You simply take a months worth of selfies, one per day. But NOT, I repeat NOT, the slightly narcissistic ones the young ladies appear to be so found of. These must be CREATIVE!

The rules are simple…
1. The photo must include any part of your body…(clothed or otherwise.)
2. You can use any location, theme or prop, as long as a part of you is represented in the picture
3. The photo must be taken by YOU

When you are done, you can place them in a photo collage like the one I used here. This one was from this past November.collage first halfIMG_1257

And then you have another digital memory to print or save.

So much fun to be silly/creative/serious, with whatever the day brings you, and to document it for a month.

Start capturing your photo’s and memories today, Lovely Ladies!  It’s later than you think ~






  1. Great idea!


  2. tamerabeardsley says:

    I have been taking daily pictures for years now … and it has helped change my life. I started over four years ago when I realized my years of full time mothering … were coming to an end … and I had lost my own life passions. Taking daily pictures … made it a habit to search for beauty in my days … and recover a beautiful life.

    Congratulations on your new blog! May it bring you much joy!


  3. tamerabeardsley says:

    PS – fabulous blog name my dear!


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