I’ve got the Blues for January…

I tend to be a bit of a snob when it comes to nail color. I want just the right shade, just the right tone, and nothing less will do. I usually arrive at my salon 30-40 minutes before my appointment just to peruse the bottles, slowly making my selection by elimination…and then I will change my mind two, sometimes three times in the course of the appointment. (I love you MyLinh. Thank you for your patience!)

Recently, on my quest for the perfect blue (not too black, not to bright, not too navy), I stumbled upon absolute perfection in a bottle. It’s called Dark Room, by Nars, as part of a limited edition collection by Phillip Lim. A GORGEOUS, rich, jewel toned blue. Elegant, chic and complicated…just like us girls ;)…perfect for the cold, stormy January days here in New England.

I first purchased a bottle of Nars nail color last summer, (the color Orgasm, of COURSE!), and was pleasantly surprised by how long the formula lasted. It wore much better than the BIG TWO brands, (you know who you are), and yes, a bit more pricey. But not having to re-polish your nails every night is worth every penny.


Dark Room Nail Polish by Nars, Phillip Lim collection

This color is so deep and rich it took me over an hour to get a photo that would sort of do it justice. Not sure I succeeded, so go find it at Sephora, and let me know what you think!


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