Walking Home, by Sonia Choquette ~ A Review



I’ve read some great books lately, but this one was life-affirming. Written by Sonia Choquette, a world-renowned intuitive guide/spiritual teacher who authored 19 best sellers, this is a great mid-life read for all women who, for lack of a better term, are just stuck.

Sonia spent decades traveling the world teaching, and leading workshops on self-development and spiritual intuition. She helped thousands of people along the way, but when her world was rocked by the death of her brother, her dad and the loss of her 30 year marriage, she took to her bed. She simply could not talk, meditate or think her way out of her “dark night of the soul”.

When her instincts told her she needed to walk the Camino de Santiago, an age-old pilgrimage consisting of a 500 mile trek across Spain, she listened and accepted the challenge.

Despite having had knee surgery just a few short months before, fifty two year old Sonia visited her REI store, loaded up on Power Bars and gear, and headed out. The journey that ensued in the trek, (also written about in Shirley Maclains book, The Camino), was grueling, somewhat dangerous, and soul sucking, but what happened was extraordinary. Forgiveness, peace, healing,….a women in the later part of her life, learning who she really is, what she’s made of, and why she was put here.

She battled hunger, excruciating pain, loneliness, anger, the weather, and even a pack of “angry dogs”, and completed the trek restored, renewed, and ready to live what’s left of her life like never before.

Highly Crown Worthy!  If your feeling stuck, but don’t have the time, money or legs to trek the Camino, I suggest reading this book.  It will open you up to the idea that anything is possible if you just comit to putting one foot in front of the other..~


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