Today’s post is for Nancy ~

I came across this blog the other day and it blew me away….such beauty, in words and image. This is the lovely Tamara Beardsley, and she is the author of the blog,

FullSizeRender 33She did a post for the New Year that totally sums up the mission of THIS blog, better than I ever could.

I encourage you to click the link below and take a look.

Wasn’t that fabulous? The concepts of gratitude, patience with yourself and others, taking good care of you…all thoughts to digest and put into play as we move onward in this journey.

Why is it SO hard for us to put ourselves first?

Sometimes it seems to me that the women with the biggest hearts are the ones who hurt the most.  We give and give until the well runs dry, then we keep on giving.

Why can’t we understand that we have ONE life, its a gift, and at the end of that life, we have to answer the question “Did you honor the gift? Did you live it well? Did you allow your life to be controlled by others, or were you the maestro  of your own symphony?”

You owe it to yourself to create your own happiness.  No one else can do it for you, and it’s NEVER too late!

But happiness has to come from within, not externally.  If it’s external, it’s dependent upon others, and we all know how that can go!

No one can honor your happiness as well as you can. Even the best, most loving people should not be responsible for your happiness.  That’s a big burden to put on them.  Only you can do it, only you have a DUTY to do it….because only YOU have the gift of your own life!

We wil explore this more together in the upcoming months.

Lets make an intention today to love ourselves more…baby steps.

And remember ladies, when you love yourself first, everyone else reaps the bounty ~FullSizeRender 34





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