Once a month, we will feature products that are the work horses, the life savers…the “How would we live without them?” products…..

We all have them, and for harsh Northeast winters, these are three of mine.DSC_0017

Let’s start with my all time favorites….Albolene Cream,  Everyone Lotion and Nivea Cherry Lip Balm.
Albolene cream has been around almost longer than I have!  You may remember it in your moms medicine cabinet.  I’ve tried cleansers and make up removers, and as I age, I find most of them to be too “draggy” on the skin.  Even olive oil or argan oil, when used with a tissue, tugs at the delicate skin around the eyes….and if you use as much eye makeup and mascara as I do, removal can do as much harm as leaving it on!

I was reading an article a while back about great products worth a second look, and the cosmetologist swore by this, so I gave it a try…FABULOUS!  Creamy and smooth, and when tissued off, it leaves the skin supple and soft…no water needed…Heck, sometimes no extra moisturizer needed!  It’s that good! Mild enough for even the most sensitive skin, in 2009 an issue of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that it is as helpful for those who suffer from  eczema as most prescription creams. Great for winter nights when the heat is blasting away at your precious skin.  This baby leaves the thinnest trace moisture on your face, protecting it from the heat.  If you wash your face after, which you don’t need to do, the water sort of beads off….further proof that your skin cells are in good hands for the night. Love, Love Love ~at drugstores everywhere.

The second Work Horse Winner I found recently, just in time for the sub-zero temps.  Everyone Lotion, well…you just have to try it for yourself.  Goes on light and creamy, and STAYS ON!  You will feel this even after you wash your hands if you use it regularly.  I use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  My 56 year old hands have never felt better.  The other great news is that you can use it for your hands, face or anywhere else, as it’s made from pure, natural and organic ingredients, and the scents are heavenly! I am partial to coconut lemon, which is light and refreshing, but you will also enjoy lavender and aloe.  It also comes in unscented, but the scents are light and subtle. At $9.49 for a huge 32 ounce pump bottle, it may outlast the winter…as long as you don’t share!  ~ Found at Whole Foods, or

My final winter work horse favorite is Nivea Lip Balm, especially the cherry one. This little tube leaves the lips with a perfect shade of translucent cherry red, quite like a Yves St. Laurent shade of gorgeous.  Not only does the color perk up the most winter-sallow skin, but the moisture lasts a long time, feels great on, and yes, it even tastes good!  I buy these little babies in bulk, and you can find them scattered in my car, kitchen cabinets, purses and desks, in the couch cushion….you get the point ~  Also at drugstores everywhere.

By the way, the very BEST BOOK of cosmetic recommendations for women 50 plus is a gem I picked up called “Toss the Gloss”. I got SO many great tips and tricks from this book, written by one of the best in the business….I will review it another day, but for the some REALLY good tips on how to treat yourself and your deserving body, pick it up today!

I have many more gems to share coming soon, but I would love to know, aside from George Clooney, what would you take to a desert island or a winter cabin? ~


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