Puppy Love is GOOD for you ~

I’ve read recently that people who have pets have less depression, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides and tend to be more optimistic.

Full disclosure, I was never a pet person….I was a bundle of mush around babies, but I never saw the need to get a pet. My husband always had dogs, and my three sons begged and begged. I always replied that I had enough pee to clean up without bringing a dog home.

Last year, however, my family faced some tough times, as most families do, and I was searching for something, anything, to make things better for the men I love.

So on Valentines Day, on a whim, we hopped in the car, went to the local pet store, and without virtually any research, we met this little guy…..


(In this picture, he blends perfectly with my oriental rug, so he got points for aesthetics!)

Jesse was only five months old, but had been quarantined twice during the Christmas buying season with a respiratory infection…and, well, NO ONE buys dogs in January!

It was our luck, as this little leftover passed his “interview” with flying colors.

We could not leave without him, and the rest is a family love affair….

Jesse is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, (think Charlotte’s dog, “Elizabeth Taylor” in Sex And The City), and aside from eating one of my favorite ballet flats, and an episode of explosive diarrhea, every day he’s been with us has been a better day.

He brings humor, joy, comfort and love to all of us, and FORCES me to walk more, no matter what the weather…MUCH more guilt producing than wearing a FITBIT!


Jess has been my muse, my editor….


my snuggle buddy..he has the SOFTEST FUR!


In everyway, he came into a home that needed more joy and we have been transformed by his furry little presence.

Do you have a pet that has changed your life significantly?

I would love to hear about it ~


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