Consignment Chic~

imageHave you noticed the surge of consignment stores opening in the past few years? A virtual explosion of gently used goodies, waiting to be snagged!DSC_0030

Full disclosure…I am a consignment queen…My nickname should be “Second Hand Rose”, as probably 50 percent of my current wardrobe comes from the many consignment stores I frequent.  I LOVE that these stores are like Forrest Gumps’ box of chocolates… really never know what you will get!DSC_0034

I’ve score brand new Coach and Kate Spade bags, a classic pair of black suede Manolo pumps that I’ve worn for years, Chanel and Hermes scarfs, and have outfitted myself for six wedding and counting, from top to bottom! (That task, however, can take up to a year to find the shoes that go with the bag that go with the dress, etc.)DSC_0028

Aside from the obvious money I save (tons!), and the fact that we are recycling, the biggest benefit I have is the creative wardrobe I have amassed.  People are always telling me I dress edgy or interesting…that I’m an original. THAT’S a compliment I’ll take.

I have heard that they now even have “girls consignment days”, where you and your friends load into a bus, and it takes you to several consignment stores throughout your area.  Each store greets you with wine and cheese, and the girls have a blast while they sip and shop.  How cool!

In order to make consigning work for you, however, their are some rules  you should follow,,

1. Always be prepared to leave empty handed.  Don’t buy something unless you know you will wear it, and that you absolutely love it…otherwise you end up with a closet full of mismatched junk!  And even though you are getting great deals, money is money and it does add up!

2. Set a schedule and go often.  Obviously, that perfect item will only come through the doors once…it’s not in every size and color, and you will miss out on all the “good stuff” if you don’t become a regular.  I actually find it relaxing.  I listen to the music and get lost in the racks.  It’s a stress reliever as well, as it quiets my mind while I peruse the goodies.

3. Don’t be afraid to bargain.  Because it’s a consignment store, the owners have a lot of flexibility with price.  If the store is heavy on inventory, your odds of getting a deal increase, as most  places don’t have enough room for everything that comes in, and space is at a premium.  They LOVE unloading the goods..especially big bulky furs and coats.

4. If you are shopping for a big event, like a wedding, start a year or so in advance.  Find the dress first, and go from there.  You won’t believe what you can save on a look you’ll wear once.  If you get to know the owners, they can be very helpful in looking out of the items you need, and holding them for you when they come in.

5. Visit several stores.  I have three I frequent.  One is very high end, and the price point is high, but for something of great quality that will last forever, (Chanel, YSL, Stella McCartney) and become a staple in my wardrobe. The second is a mid range, ( Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, J. Crew,) and I go there for the seasonal items I will probably day to day then retire to the Goodwill box.  The third is an vintage and antique store, where I find the most quirky, amazing accessories.  SO much fun.

I encourage you to visit a consignment store today.  You may thank me later ~



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