Websters defines the word “content” in the following way..


content: adjective –

  • in a state of peaceful happiness: he seemed more content, less bitter.
  •  satisfied with a certain level of achievement, good fortune, etc., and not wishing for more: he had to be content with third place.

I’ve thought a lot about this, and I think being content is ultimately nothing to strive for.  If you are content, my opinion is that you may stop reaching…not for more money, fame or recognition, but for the intangibles, like more wisdom, joy, spiritual awareness, knowledge, bliss…FullSizeRender 52


If you are content in your life, even at the glorious age of 80, I feel that means you stop and rest where you are. You’re satisfied with your place in the world and the person you are.

I hope, if blessed with robust good health, to be still learning at 80…maybe my someday grandchildren will have a new technology to teach me, or a social media for me to conquer?  Maybe I haven’t truly mastered my spiritual longings and want to feel even closer to God?

Maybe, if my body holds up, I will get even better at my yoga practice, because heaven knows, their is room for improvement..FullSizeRender 53

Maybe I’ll travel to places I never thought I’d see?  Or find a way to affect a positive change in some small way in the world around me…even at 80?

I know an elderly woman, Virginia, who strives at 87 to keep moving forward with a positive attitude.  Her friends are dropping like flies.  It’s scary to be 87.  But rather than pick up the remote, slide into the lazyboy, and wait for the Grim Reaper, she’s blazing the trail for the rest of us.  She started writing recently and has had three front page stories in her local newspaper already published.  This has infused her day with passion…she can’t wait to find something new to write about, and can’t wait to show me the paper when it’s published….at 87! FullSizeRender 51

We’ve been given the gift of one life.  We don’t know how many days or seasons, but we shouldn’t need to.  We should live as long as we can reaching, always searching, asking questions, learning and loving with our whole hearts.

Contentment, be damned……

On my tombstone, I want the words “A work in progress…” ~

How can you grow this year?

Have a lovely weekend ~


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