Blizzard Cooking With Beer ~

Rough couple of days here in Boston.  Blizzard, driving ban, power outages, yada, yada, yada….It’s winter in New England, and we survive.

What we do to make the surviving more fun is we cook, and drink.  Or drink and cook, depending on who you are!

With that in mind, I have two life affirming recipes that combine drinking and cooking.  I call it time management, you can call it delicious!

May I present Guinness Beef Stew and Guinness Gingerbread.FullSizeRender 64Both recipes are deep in flavor, comforting, soul satisfying and delicious.

The Gingerbread recipe is from a Gramercy Tavern recipe adapted on a great food blog, Smitten Kitchen….a dense, dark cake..delicious warmed with a plop of whipped cream..

Like us, dear reader it gets better with age!!

The Guinness Stew can be found on another fantastic food blog, Brown Eyed Baker….

Honestly, where would we be without the Blogosphere, and all the amazing women (and men) that contribute?

If you follow both recipes, there will be a glass left over for the cook!  The family has dinner and dessert, and you have a pre-dinner libation rewarding your efforts!

Wear Your Crowns thinks that’s a Win-Win! ~



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