Movies as Medicine ~

Oscar month has me thinking a lot about movies.  What amazing power lies within film.

Think of all the great films you’ve seen, like ET, Deer Hunter, Forrest Gump, Godfather 1 and 2, (forget 3!).  Each film elicits a different feeling, conjures a different emotion.  From cheering wildly to weeping like a baby, uproariously laughter to stunned silence…movies have a power like nothing else. Movies can make you feel better, mend a broken heart, and even make you believe again.

One of my all time favorite movies can do all of these things…

Breakfast at Tiffanys has been it for me.  Gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, those OUTFITS, Henry Mancini’s hauntingly beautiful  “Moon River”, handsome young George Peppard  and Mickey Rooney as a comical Japanese artist!  What’s not to love?FullSizeRender 77

Audrey’s “Holly Golightly” is my hero.  A vulnerable yet courageous, clear eyed optimist, filled with big dreams, despite a not-so-perfect life.  Always looking on the bright side, always dreaming a better dream…FullSizeRender 73

I love her hope…I need hope in my life, because when I’m without it, the color dims and I can’t feel the ordinary beauty. As long as I can hope, I have the courage to move forward and wait for the clouds to lift.

I was having a particularly tough night last week.  A loved one is suffering and there’s nothing I can do…

Enter the medicine….Breakfast at Tiffanys on the screen, split of Veuve Cliquot champagne (because why not?) and a warm blanket.

Hope renewed, faith in life restored, the courage to go on….

FullSizeRender 72

What’s your  “go to” movie when you need a boost?




  1. acquelline says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Watching a movie is like therapy 🙂


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