Ageing as privilege ~


When I think about aging, I see possibility. I see the deepening of wisdom, I see coming into my authentic self..who I was meant to be..finally! I see not giving a sh❤️t…I see standing on my head and sky diving, I see redefining, along with my other fierce “Boomer” women, what it means to get old.

I also see potential health issues, the possibility that Social Security will be bankrupt when I am 70,  and a vulnerability, knowing that I may be depending on the somewhat ill equipped generation coming up behind us. That’s reality.

There are things I can control and things I can’t.  I can commit  to taking care of myself.  I can eat right, watch my weight, have my yearly medical tests, manage my stress in a healthy way, and find time for joy.  I can plan for  how I want my “Golden Years” to look, and then head into them knowing I have done the best I can.  The rest is up to God and the universe…..but I am ready.

Are you? ~


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