Crown Worthy Valentines Gifts ~

Valentines week is here! A week of love and gratitude…

Even if you currently don’t have a special someone, I’ll bet you have a girlfriend you would not survive without, a mom you love dearly, or even a furry four footed friend you call Sweetie!

These first gifts are all from Kate Spade. I love, love Kate Spade. (Yes, that’s two loves!)

They can all be found at

Why not gift your BFF with a bracelet that says “Partners in Crime”?


And what stylish mom would not wear a “Love” scarf from her daughter? Kind of like having an all day hug!

IMG_1591This gorgeous bag would be perfect for a Summer outing…(Remember Summer?  That warm, snow-free time of year?)

imageand here’s something for just you, just because I love Kate…this adorable make up bag or clutch for a night out….


Let’s not forget the perfect Valentine red nail polish, maybe for your daughter….if I HAD a daughter….(three sons, don’t get me started!) This one is from Essie and it’s called Raspberry Red.


For the dog in your life…….From, luscious but nutritious doggie treats for all the times  you called him and he actually CAME!


or a lovely, heart shaped squeeky chew toy to replace the ratty one he’s beheaded or torn to shreds….

IMG_1601 2

Finally, lets not forget the boyfriend or husband who makes your heart go pitter patter…’s a gift, though not for the faint of heart, that I guarantee he will thank you for….


Have a wonderful Valentine week, but remember to love yourself, first! ~




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