Flip flops, beach waves, ocean breezes, mint mojitos under the moonlight….remember Summer?

We have been slammed in the Northeast, literally and figuratively.  Between historic snow, shoveling, and now roof collapses, ice dams and nowhere for it to melt, it’s been a not-for-the-faint-of-heart winter.

So while I’m not California Dreaming on such a winters day, I am dreaming…

of painted toes and nails…nail

This color is the closest to Summer that I dare wear just now.  From the gorgeous new OPI Hawaii Collection, this color is called “Stop Lanaiing Around”  (Dont’ you just love OPI color names?!) Its a mauveish muted pink, reminiscent of wild Hawaiian orchids or in Boston, the tulips in my teacup!

Here’s the rest of the collection…I intend to try each and every one until Summer is officially here…especially the one called “Pineapples Have Peelings, Too!” (Swear to GOD, that is the name. Who comes up with them??) That one, yellow with gold flecks and pineapple shaped little sparkles, is going on the toes where, mercifully, no one will see them stuffed into winter boots! image op

But I will know they are there, and every time I peek down at my pineapple sparkly toes, I will think of digging them into the warm sand, not the soggy Uggs, and I will smile

…and somewhere in the background I will hear Bob Marley or the Beach Boys, smell charcoal…

and know I will survive.

“Summer afternoon. The two most beautiful words in the English language.” ~ Henry James

Have a sun-kissed weekend ~


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