Another GREAT book to recommend! I have been waiting for this book since I heard it was being published.FullSizeRender

Out today in bookstores, “Goddesses Never Age” is the newest book by Dr. Christiane Northrup, who I like to call the  “Christopher Columbus of Women’s Health.”  If  Wear Your Crowns had a mentor, it would be Dr. Northrup.

An OB/GYN for several decades in Portland, Maine, she pioneered the movement that connected women’s health issues to their emotions and life circumstance.  Medicine is not, in fact, one dimensional.  Our bodies and our health are directly related to our spirit and more important to our beliefs and emotions. This is her message.

A pioneer of Mind/Body Medicine in Women’s Health, she got shunned by the ACOG  after writing the bestseller, “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.” Her idea that stress and unresolved issues can cause  fibroids and ovarian cysts, and that meditating and addressing your stress can actually reduce or eliminate them, was considered irresponsible at the time. Especially since she was an M.D.!   But I’m proof she’s right, as I took that advice when I twice faced ovarian cysts. Her recommendations, which also included resting twice a day with a castor oil/flannel pack, worked within 48 hours to eliminate my pain, and greatly decreased the size of the cysts. Since then, I have been enthusiastically following her work, and I have learned to ask my body  “What are you trying to tell me?” when I face an illness….. And then I listen!

Next Dr. Northrup moved on to menopause with her book, “The Wisdom of Menopause.” Here she blazed a trail that taught us if we faced menopause with the right attitude, that it’s the next natural phase in a women’s life to be celebrated, we could rebirth ourselves into who we are truly meant to be. A liberating and very useful outlook indeed!  I stopped viewing this stage as a “mini death”, and adopted  more of a “Next Great Thing” attitude.  It’s made a BIG difference in my mental and physical health, and outside of a few manageable symptoms, this 56 year old is finally in menopause, and it’s been a breeze…MUCH easier than puberty!!

Now on to the granddaddy (or grandmother!) of all life stages…the process of aging. Dr. Northrup blows the lid off societies ideas about getting older.  She writes now that it is possible to “be a living, breathing embodiment of joyful, ageless living – no matter what has gone before.”  By adopting the attitude that you have an ageless goddess living within you, you can bypass the walker and cane, the sex-less life, the depression that comes with slowing down, and SO much more.

Her chapters include “Goddesses grieve, rage and move one”, “Goddesses use the healing power within” and my personal favorite, “Goddesses savor the pleasure of food.”

I just love the whole book and attitude. It’s a rock-n-roll, kick ass, take no prisoners guide for Boomers sailing towards Senior. A JOY to read, and supremely Crown Worthy!  Do yourself a favor and give it a look.  You may never think about aging the same way again.

For those of you who don’t have the time to read (I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE!) watch for her PBS special, coming February 28th.  Check your local listings, and have an ageless day! ~



  1. tamerabeardsley says:

    Wow! What a fabulous post my dear! I have been a fan of hers for years! It was reading her menopause book, years before I was actually there … that made the passage so much better when it did finally come into that transition!

    I am ever so excited to hear she has a new book out! I have literally marked my calendar for her special and made a note to get to the bookstore!

    I couldn’t agree more with her being “Crown Worthy Beyond Words”! Thank you for sharing this my dear! xox


    • Tamera, thank you for the comment…and while you were here Tamera, did you read the post “And Speaking of Crowns”? You, of all people, may enjoy it. It’s under the books and media tab. I hope I did you justice, as I LOVE your page. Blessings ~


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