Don’t misunderstand….I am a voracious reader.  I LOVE books.  I read all day long, in one form or other.  But I am currently working three jobs, (tax season is a grind!) and when I get home at night, sometimes my eyes are just too tired.  I need a really good glass of wine, a soft pillow and some killer TV.

I have found that it’s usually feast or famine on TV, but I’m happy to report we are FEASTING lately…

My first favorite, and THANK YOU NETFLIX for releasing it all at once so I CAN feast, is “House of Cards”.  I am addicted to this show.  Seasons one and two were electric, but season three is off the charts.  I haven’t seen TV this good since “Breaking Bad” went off  the air (I’m still in mourning!)

I am almost halfway through this wild ride of season three in as many days.

It’s the story of the cut throat, narcissistic sociopaths, Frank and Claire Underwood, played by the fantastic Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, and what they won’t do to drink at the fountain of Washington power (not MUCH!).

Chilling in how it mirrors politics in Washington today, current senators have been asked “Is House of Cards realistic?” The answer is usually “well, there are no murders least none we know of..”  Just when you think this devious duo  have hit a new low, they stun you with more.

FullSizeRender 87

Claire….as cold as ice, calculating and cruel…Robin Wright snagged the Emmy for this role last season.

FullSizeRender 91

But here’s the really GOOD news….

FullSizeRender 94

Her outfits are amazing.  Whether she is attending a state dinner or out for a nighttime jog, there isn’t a more well dressed villain on TV.  Rumor has it Givenchy and Chanel will be featured prominently in Claire’s FLOTUS wardrobe this season.  Can’t wait!

The next show I love is new, on NBC on Thursday nights, and has only aired three episodes as of this writing.

“The Slap” is an intriguing show that revolves around the shocking slap of a child, and how that one act is destined to blow a family apart.  The characters are rich and nuanced, and the cast is formidable. Uma Thurman, Thandie Newton and the fabulous Blythe Danner in an Oscar worthy role if this were a movie, are just three of the splendid cast.

I don’t want to give anything away, but if you liked the old classic  “Thirtysomething”, or the newer show “The Affair”, then this is their love child. I think you will enjoy “The Slap.” Don’t let the name fool you.  It’s so much more than a slap….give it a try.


FullSizeRender 95

Last, but nearest to my heart….we all need to laugh.  A good comedy is hard to find, but this Little Engine That Could is making my Wednesdays worthwhile….

“The Goldberg’s” is the 80’s answer to “The Wonder Years,” but with an edge.  The writing is brilliant, and the series draws from the real, high decibel life of Adam Goldberg, Hollywood actor turned director.

FullSizeRender 96

The mom in this show, played by the hilarious scene stealer Wendi McLendon-Covey (Bridesmaids), is worth tuning in for alone.  Bev Goldberg is an off the charts “smother mother” as her kids call her, and watching a TV mom has never been more fun. George Segal, great as always, is”Pops” the semi-senile granddad. In fact, the entire cast hits it out every week.

Crown Worthy Comedy, I declare!

Overall, these shows  combined with the fan favorites “The Apprentice”, “The Voice”, and  “Shark Tank”  have made it a GREAT Winter for TV.

And in a month, my second all time favorite show will be wrapping up it’s eight year run, and I have my Pall Malls, Gin and Tonic and Aqua Net ready!

It’s a farewell to the brilliant “Mad Men”, and that deserves it’s own post next month.

Til then, what is your go-to TV show?  The one that makes your long day a little easier?










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