Yesterday, I was reading a “fashion for over fifty” page on Facebook, and on this page there was a picture of Christie Brinkley at 60.  The female author, (over fifty) asked the question “How do you think she looks for 60? Has she had work, or is it good genes?”

And then the debate ensued.  “She’s had work. There is no way she could look like that without it.” “I think she looks older and like she’s trying too hard.” “Someone needs to tell her she’s not 20 anymore”…and on and on and on.FullSizeRender

Ladies, why do we judge one another on appearance??  Isn’t it bad enough that MEN do that for us on a daily basis? Isn’t it bad enough that the first filter of a women’s worth for most men is what she looks like, no matter how accomplished she is? Do we women also need to sell our sisters short this way?  What do we gain from the catty, or even complimentary comments that judge women as if we are cattle in an auction?

Often I see and hear women doing that to each other, it’s almost more than I can take.

When Suzanne Somers was announced as a next “Dancing With The Stars” contestant, the cyber buzz wasn’t that she was a breast cancer survivor, author of several best selling books, and head of  a multi-million dollar beauty and health empire…it was about how she had too much or too little work on her face!


When Meryl Streep, arguably the greatest actor of all time, takes a middle-aged romantic lead role now, the banter is first about her looks and how she’s aging in front of the camera, and THEN it’s about the brilliance she brings to the screen.str

Love or hate her, when Hillary Clinton is in the news, it may start out as a story about policy or politics, but if you watch or read long enough, the stories descends to the “looking tired”, “looking haggard”, or “new hairstyle”, “gaining weight” storyline. God help her when she runs for President.  She better have a good hair and makeup team, because in the eyes of most Americans, it’s all about the looks for a female American politician.  Other countries, not so much, but here in this Kardashian society, a women better LOOK good if she wants to open her mouth about anything.  And I’m ashamed to admit that we women are just as guilty.  We do it to each other constantly, and we should know better.

FullSizeRender (1)Let’s try, in our own small way, to change this for our daughters and their daughters.  We Boomers are the ones who change things…we always have.  Let’s rewrite the dialogue.  Why not comment on a persons appearance only in the context of a faceless mannequin, selling products or clothes.

Otherwise, try to work a little harder.  Try to see beyond the surface.  Look for the accomplishments of older women.  God knows we have worked hard enough over the past decades to raise our families, build our businesses and leave the world better than the way we found it.

We are the sum of our years…not just the products at the beauty counter.

Have a lovely weekend ~



  1. Thank you for writing this, what important and beautiful words!


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