So as you can see, we are VERY SLOWLY transitioning…toning down the chocolate brown, taking the highlites from golden to platinum ash, and lots more of them..

BIG HAIR!  What was I THINKING! – Month One ~


Starting the tone down, not having a meltdown (shovel in the background though, just in case)…..all is well. Month Two ~




Not quite as white as the background snow, (over my head in case you can’t tell…#Bostonwinterfromhell), but I’m kinda settling in to the light to white thing. Month Three ~


This is a two year journey for me. My plan is to lighten my hair enough, and slooooowly, with base lightening and platinum to white highlights, until the silver white roots feel right at home with the rest of the “chemically enhanced” strands. At that point, I will let it all hang out, and just tweak the color with glaze and healthy conditioning masks.

I think I will like it. At first, when my ever patient Bridgette started taking the warm gold out of my highlights, I didn’t like it.

Now I am finding that, with the whiter strands, certain colors are looking a lot better on me. Jewel toned colors are popping..maybe because they are not competing with the yellows and browns…

But it feels ok so far…this aging thing is really not so bad after all!



  1. You are making this transition look so easy. So elegant. So do-able.
    Even in the midst of our unending winter. I’m loving this.



    • Cheryl, Thanks for the kind words. Just like the slow (sometimes painfully slow as in the case of this Winter) changing of the seasons, I intend to make this transition slowly as well. It will give me and everyone else a chance to adjust gradually. But I’m up for the adventure! Growth is good! Even as it pertains to my roots!~


  2. Oh I have struggled with whether to let my grey grow out or not. My stylist said I should wait until I’m a grandmother. LOL Hopefully I can do it as gracefully as you.


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