Tax time….ah, yes…for some of us it’s a windfall…of money we’ve already earned! For others, it’s pay UP.  Must feed the Big Bad Government Beast!

I work in a tax office, so this time of year is what we affectionately refer to as “The Grind.” Six days a week, twelve hour days, whatever it takes to get everyone processed and accounted for so Uncle Sammy can be satiated for another year.

Here are some links of interest for deductions you may not know about….(Breast implants….who KNEW??)

Deductions for the dog lover

Deductions for students, caretakers and home repair fanatics

Deductions for Freelancers and the Self Employed

And if you want to hunt endangered whales in Alaska, we have a deduction for that, TOO!!….

For the do it yourselfer, here’s a nifty tax calculator to use for 2015 …

One thing to be aware of . There is an identity theft issue with tax refunds this year, mostly from the Federal Government side.

If, after you have e-filed  your taxes, you haven’t received a refund within 10 days, go to this site..

and you will be able to see if the IRS has released your refund to the correct place.

Good luck, happy taxes, and as always, have a lovely weekend ~



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