I admit it…I’ve had a half century love affair with Big Hair. No matter the decade or the style craze, I always wanted a little more.

It started as a young girl with a gawd awful pixie cut..(think younger, but unattractive Julie Andrews.)


To remedy the situation, I would sneak up to my Aunts apartment on the second floor and have at her Dippity-do. Remember Dippity-do, ladies? I can still smell that chemical pink goop!

By the time my five year old self was done “styling”, I resembled a character in a Farrelly Brothers movie…




As I got older, I cycled through bouffants and flips, mullets and whatever it is that Madonna made us do.

Decades later, I am in love, love, love with the show Mad Men. So in honor of the series finale next month {sob}, I’m rocking the “British Bob”, the bigger the better.



To achieve this version of grown up, blown up hair, you need two things…

One is Full Bloom Volume Spray by Big Sexy Hair.  This stuff is AMAZING.image



After shampooing your hair, apply this to the damp roots and blow dry your hair with a huge round brush, upside down…then watch it EXPLODE! Finish by smoothing your end with the blow dryer and brush, and this volume lasts til you shampoo it out.

The next product, a Crown Worthy Hall Of Fame product is the best hairspray of all eternity…..


Elnett by Loreal is in the tool kit of every high fashion stylist out there.  If they say they don’t use it, they are lying…it’s in their kit.  Trust me on this.  It is the best hairspray of all time, number one on every list.

To finish the look I hold the Elnett and lightly lift the blown out layers and spray underneath them like I am  putting out a fire. This product is so great you WON’T get that sticky, heavy, gluey thing…no matter how much you use. It will simply WORK, and your hair will stay in place. Don’t you LOVE when that happens??

More Big Hair I have loved…..


Drew killed it with those earrings and that ATTITUDE!




Miley Cyrus, pre-Skank.


The Brits seem to own this look. Love the fake eyelash, Big Hair look on Adele. SO sixties.


The untouchable Gwen Stefani does it with curls❤️ So Crown Worthy👸


Here’s proof that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…


(How did Phil Spector get in here? I thought he was in prison?)

Did ANYONE wear Big Hair better than Joan on Mad Men??? Loved her fiery red glory.image

And don’t you just love this Big Hair’d Betty Draper doll? Perfect addition to an obsessive fan’s Mad Men collection. (Hint, hint.)


So Wear Your Crowns, on top of hair the Bigger the Better!!!



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