Today, Spring!  Even though it’s going to snow AGAIN in Boston, I feel a rebirth coming, right down to my wool covered, pineapple yellow painted toes!


(I seriously have had this on my toes for weeks, to remind me that after Winter comes the Spring!)

This is a magical time all over the planet.


While I love to star gaze, I’ve never been into astrology, but I am intrigued by what is happening now.

Apparently, according to astrologists in the know,  a lot of old karma is coming to a head today, and will be released and transformed!

I read an article this afternoon that states that “the new moon tonight, coupled with the total eclipse occurring today as well, offers insight and deep healing to those who are receptive”.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, I am so ready!

The article goes on to states that “the paradigm shifting Uranus-Pluto square which has been stirring up change – and trouble – since June 24, 2012, will be officially complete, and now we are free to re-envision and rework those aspects of our lives and the world which are crying out for change”.

Get OUT!  SERIOUSLY?? If I look back to June of 2012, I say “so THAT’S the reason for the shitstorm that was my life then….Uranus and Pluto were using me for their amusement!”

Even though I don’t quite understand this, it is a Big Deal among those who follow astrology, and the fact that we are having a solar eclipse on the first day of Spring is getting astronomers jazzed as well.

Can you feel the planets aligning?  Can you feel the buds trying to burst forth? Can you hear the sea gulls calling “Come back!  We need french fries! It’s been a long winter! We need CARBS!”IMG_3568

All I know is that I am tired of the winter.  It’s a season to be endured where I come from.  And I’m tired of just enduring.  I am ready to start living again.

I am ready to take off my boots and two pairs of socks and go barefoot in the park.

I am ready to stop napping so much and start hiking again,

I am ready to stop binge watching Netflix and start watching waves and trees and stars instead.

I am ready to feel the sun on my face and the soft breezes at night.IMG_0011

I am ready to resume my champagne and lobster roll on the beach Friday date nights with my love.IMG_3573

and I am SO ready to trade the glistening (but now disgusting brown) snow banks for anything green and coming up from the soil.  IMG_5069

I can’t wait to put the pansies on my door wreath

I can’t wait to watch sunsetsIMG_3582

I can’t wait for outdoor concerts IMG_1594

I can’t wait to clean off my veranda, break out the cushions and the outdoor fairy lights, the chiminea and the geraniums pots with ivy and I can’t wait to clean off the grillIMG_0765

I can’t wait to smell the cow manure in my garden warmed in the sun…

Not really.

But after this “Historic Record Breaking Boston Winter”, I say bring on the cow poop!  I will inhale and be grateful!

Will you feel the energy of the stars shifting tonight?

Will you feel the earth waking up?

Will you be open to the beauty coming?

I hope your Crowns glisten in the sun and starlight this weekend and in the beautiful months that lay ahead ~





  1. Yes, yes and yes- to all of the above.
    I will attribute the funk I have been unable to get myself out of to Uranus and Pluto..
    And yes, I am Netflixed out! (sort of)


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