I use to envision women (and men) with long grey braids and sandles, twisting and turning into pretzels while chanting like George Harrison on a good day, inhaling patchouli incense.

Later, when it gained popularity, I thought it was only for the latte swilling, Lulumon wearing stick figure Yummy Mummys who parade into the yoga studio next to the Starbucks I frequent. They have about as much tranquil aura as a bridezilla at a buffet.  Not for me!

Then I hit a stormy period in my life, and was looking for peace and focus. One night, I walked into one of the local yoga studios, (there are now almost as many as nail salons), and my life was changed.

The class I selected was a candlelight vinyasa class, perfect for all levels. The studio was glowing and candlelit with soft music and a lavender scent. It was very warm, as it has to be because you need warm muscles, but on that 28 degree night it was perfect.

As with most yoga, when you begin the class, you set your intention for the night and you offer it up to your higher power. My intention that night was for peace, courage and patience with the direction my life was taking.

And then I began…

Over the next hour and fifteen minutes, I gently twisted and turned my way to Grace. If I couldn’t do a pose, there was absolutely NO judgement, as this class was about respecting what you and your body could do, and not a competition. Everyone came to their mat at their own level of skill, and they were turned inward to find their own strength and peace. I could have set my hair on fire and these budding yogis would not have noticed! By the time the class was over, I was a puddle of peace and would never look back.

Yoga has taught me so many things.  Patience, respect for your body, and a sense of responsibility for your walk on the Earth.  We are her for such a short time in the big picture.  It is our responsibility to live this life well, and to appreciate the gifts all around us.  Every time I hit that mat, I rise with a sense of overwhelming gratitude for my body and spirit.


The benefits of yoga are noteworthy, and too vast to list.  Here’s a great article about 38 ways you will benefit from it.

If you want to test drive yoga, without going to a class, I highly recommend this DVD.  It is primarily for stress release, and has three 20 minute sessions.  The poses are basic and not difficult, the music soothing, the instructor serene.  What’s not to love?

Put this in the Easter Basket of someone you know who is stressed and fried.  They will surely thank you.

Namaste ~



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