Patience has never been one of my virtues.  I want things to happen instantly, always have.  You did not want to be around me during my pregnancies.  For the life of me, I could not understand why I couldn’t just conceive, buy a crib, then give birth already!

But I digress….

So yesterday, I went back to Bridgette, my color whisperer, and rather loudly stated that I’ve had enough!  I have about 1.1 inches of silver at my root line, and I was done waiting.  I wanted to just go grey, and be done with it


Without even an eye roll, and the patience of a saint, Bridgette went to her color palette and launched yet another plan.  Today, we would strip a lot of the color out of the front of my hair and crown,  then put in a glaze that was a mixture of pearl and violet.

VIOLET?  I may be impatient, darling girl, but I’m not nuts!  The Saint then explained that the only way to cancel out blonde, yellows and golds is with a white and a purple toner….OK?? Let’s do it.

Then I took a deep breath and she went to town, mixing and measuring till she had me in the sink with Gak colored hair.

FullSizeRender 98

After dying about a thousand deaths waiting  and worrying, I was rinsed and styled, and very happy. Here’s the transitions so far..

Month one…


Month two…



Month three…



and now this…and YES, there is still SNOW in the background!!!

IMG_1764 At first glance, I was kind of taken aback.  I thought, “Oh, so THIS is what it’s like to be old..”  But that thought quickly was replaced by these…”I NO LONGER HAVE TO GO TO THE SALON EVERY FOUR WEEKS! ” ” I CAN SAVE A SMALL FORTUNE! ” “I CAN WEAR BRIGHT LIPSTICK AGAIN” and then my favorite epiphany…..”I’d rather be a young looking older lady, than an old looking younger lady.”

As my natural color grows out,  it will be more silver/white than this, so it will give me some time to adjust makeup and wardrobe colors.  But at least now I can be patient!


Have a lovely weekend! ~






  1. You look wonderful! It doesn’t seem as though it’s been difficult… for me!! And your makeup is flawless. You must give us all a lesson.


    • Cheryl, you are very sweet. I was in shock for about one minute after the towel came off, but never looked back. This is my color now, no more dye, and I feel so good about it. I’m embracing what’s ahead and it’s liberating and energizing! As far as makeup, I’ve been playing with it for half a century, so it better look good by now! Thanks for the kind words❤️


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