Miracle Manicure ~

FullSizeRenderI have soft fingernails.  I mean paper thin, really soft nails.  I have toenails of steel, but fingernails, no.

So when the gel manicure was invented, I was thrilled.  I could finally ditch the acrylics and get the strength I needed without having plastic material attached to my fingers, and needing “fills” every  week.

There are downsides to gel manicures, however. They are:

* expense

*time spent

*they don’t last more than 7 days on my nails no matter what they tell you about two week wear.

*limited color choices

*and for me, the absolute need to peel them off, as oppose to soaking them off, which harms my nails. The minute they start popping up from the edges, I am obsessed til they are all peeled off, leaving my nails even weaker.

So when I found this new product line from OPI, Infinite Shine,  I was skeptical, but thought that buying the three products and giving them a try would save me lots in the long run.  As much as I enjoy my weekly chats with dear My Linh, I want to be able to skip the salon and just do them at home, on my time.

You need to buy the base coat, a color, (they are GORGEOUS), and a top coat. This manicure is reported to be as strong and last as long as a gel, shinier, and with no UV lamp!  As a melanoma survivor, no UV lamp is BIG!

Tried it, loved it, am going back for more colors as the Spring wears on….

Check out the ridiculously lovely shades…one for every occasion, all year long!



The appliaction is easy. One base coat, two color coats, one top coat…all quick drying. So far, day five, no chipping or peeling for me (and I just spent the weekend washing Easter pots and pans!) and the shine is phenomenal. I’m wearing the beigey nude color shown above this week, but will be heading back for a Spring peach soon!

Crown Worthy, indeed! 💅

Have a lovely week ~


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