Hello , friends! I missed you! Working in a tax accounting practice, I was MIA to everyone but Uncle Sam last week. But April 15th has now come and gone, and I am back to the world of the Rockin Girls..

Is there any one piece of clothing or accessory that works harder than the denim shirt?


From coal mines to runway, this iconic piece had earned its way into the Crown Worthy Hall of Fame..not only does this shirt work hard and play harder, it’s bonus is that it looks A-mazing with silver and gray hair. I would argue it looks better on the coloring of we “femmes de certain age” than on anyone else!

From outstanding beach cover….


To casual day/night wear…


Office to beach, dinner to daily errands, the lovely soft blue just screams Summer.


Even works with lace…now THATS versatile!


When paired with a statement necklace, it’s off the charts casual chic…


And my own personal favorite way to wear a chambrey….on a beautiful beach in July with a boy I love❤️


The versatility is unmatched with this piece, and in my humble opinion, should be the ONE piece that you run out and buy if you don’t have one already.

Here’s the link to a few sweet little ones should you want to enhance your wardrobe for years to come.



Have an amazing, CHambrey colored week~



  1. Have loved my chambray shirts through every, single decade!


  2. I need to go out and buy a denim shirt.

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