The transition…..

JANUARY, the fun begins…(Such big hair!)


February….lighter highlites…


March, lighter still….gaining courage.


April, we stripped out the color….no more ROOTS! Bring on the gray!


May, the front is just about done, back will follow in its own sweet time….sort of like a kinder, gentler Cruella de Vil…


All I need now is a monthly glaze, which costs less than a blow out, to keep it looking fresh and not yellowish.

Feeling pretty good about it! Getting a handle on the need to have bolder makeup and color, to prevent fading into the background…..something I’ve never been accused of!

And because we “femmes de certain age” are the new trend setters, here’s the latest Pretty Young Thing to hop on the gray bandwagon..

FullSizeRender 106

Yes, that’s Hillary Duff this week, rocking the gray!

Some women spend time trying to look like their daughters. The confident ones know that their daughters are trying to look like us!

The young darlins call this “Granny Chic”….Sorry gals, I’m not a granny, but imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, so I’ll take it!

Have a lovely weekend. Especially all you confident, not afraid of age, Crown Wearing Silver Sisters ~



  1. ncperry says:

    You were born for that look!


  2. I concur!


  3. So so so lovely!


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