I can’t possibly begin to write what I feel in my heart about what it means to be a mother.

The biggest, hardest, most important job you will ever do.

If you do it well, the world reaps the benefits of your work for years to come.

And even if you do it really well, sometimes the results are out of you control, catastrophic at worst, disappointing at best.

How’s that for a job description that would have a lesser man, or any man for that matter, running scared?? Sure, give up thirty plus years of your life to be on the front line of character development, moral, spiritual and educational growth, and with absolutely no guarantee that the final product will be something worthy of your labor.  Good times!

What an incredible responsibility with which God has entrusted us when he instructs the sperm to meet the egg.

From conception, you are given the breathtaking job of actually GROWING A HUMAN BODY IN YOUR OWN! (And they wonder why pregnant women don’t sleep at night?? )

Once you have done that diligently for 9 plus months and have exhausted every physical, emotional and spiritual resource you own, you then enter the “labor”  phase.  Harder than any physical feat you have ever, or will ever again endure.  This I KNOW is why God gave this chore to women….

You then commit to putting yourself second, third, fourth or more,  and for decades…it’s just how it’s done. It’s what we do.

You sail from blissful babies, to enduring/heart melting/terrible toddlers, to tweens and teens….and then, just like labor, when you think you can’t run another step in the marathon, THE COLLEGE YEARS!  The years that pretty much define your childs future…and the fun part is that you have virtually NO SAY in anything, because yes, they ARE adults…even if sometimes they don’t quite act the part.

The REALLY funny thing, I think, is that in this stage, you get to mortgage your home four or five times to pay for said colleges, yet the institutions will not release your son or daughters grades without their permission….WHAT????  I informed my three sons that I would not sign the check until the “parental grade release waiver” was signed and sent, allowing me the privilege of monitoring the return I am, or am not, getting on my investment. Don’t mess with Mom when it comes to “right to know.”

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis once said “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”

FullSizeRender 107

I agree Jackie…totally…that’s how I have lived my life.  But it’s not lost on me that you were the best mother in the world to John-John, and you were emphatically against him getting him pilots license…you begged him not to do it…..and well, you know the rest.

FullSizeRender 109

Sometimes they just don’t listen.

However, Lovely Jacqueline, I am here to tell you that everything else you did in your lifetime really, really mattered too!  Trust me. I’m still here.  You would love your legacy.

It mattered very much….

I have three sons, all works in progress.

I have been a full-time mother for 25+ years, 24/7, 365. I have managed Scouting, religious instruction, baseball, swimming, soccer, basketball, rugby, track, karate, music lessons, lunch duty, school board, library volunteer, home schooling. I have been an advocate, sometimes their worst nightmare, a broken heart mender, and on and on.

You could say I have put in my time.

All I want now is to have healthy, happy, well-adjusted men who respect women and will be good fathers and citizens.

A granddaughter would be lovely, but I shan’t be greedy.

Either way, I know how hard I worked, and I know God saw it, too.

When I am taking my last breath, I won’t have one regret about the job that was my vocation.  I loved it, I lived for it, and I took it seriously.  I didn’t bungle it…and It mattered very much to me, Mrs. Kennedy, whatever the outcome.

The rest now is up to my “Three Stooges” I call Kevin, Eddie and Danny.


I love you guys like you will never know. Be good men for me, okay? I’ve worked hard for that.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ladies….take the weekend off! ~







  1. Beautiful picture of your boys! Happy Mother’s Day Kathy!! You done good!

    Liked by 1 person

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