It’s been awhile since we talked about Crown Worthy beauty products.

I’m going to focus on three hair products today, all from the same line, that never, ever, (or evah if you’re in Boston) fail!

All from Bumble and Bumble, my favorite hair products of all time.

The first is a miracle oil….



Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil has been the single product I credit for keeping my hair shiny and healthy through all the coloring, (and color stripping) over the years. ¬†Don’t be deceived by the feather light weight of this oil. ¬†Two drops, yes, just TWO drops before blow drying, and your hair will be sleek and shiny but not weighted down or slick. ¬†If you don’t believe me, put a few drops on your hand and rub. ¬†Then see how it literally melts into your skin, leaving no trace of oil….just a¬†soft,smooth surface that feels great.

THAT’S why they call it “invisible.”

Your hair will be shiny, soft and healthy…

and it won’t look like an Exxon Valdez oil spill, which is what happens with a lot of the argon oils I have tried recently. UGH! Who needs oily looking and feeling hair that you have to wash every day?



Even if you put several drops of this baby into your hair, it STILL doesn’t feel oily. ¬†I experimented once and put 20 drops in my hair, and it was NOT oily!

This oil won the coveted “Best of Beauty Award” from Allure Magazine in 2014 for best hair product. ¬†And it IS. ¬† Great for dry summer sun damaged hair, but I use it year round and swear by it.

It’s not cheap at $39.00 for 3.4 ounces, but you can buy the cheaper travel size and that will last you up to a year.

The second is something called Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray…..a great product for beachy summer hair. ¬†Spray it on damp, clean hair and either air dry or blow dry without too much styling. Your result will be crazy cute, wavy hair like you had as a child when you spent the day swimming in the ocean.



Think Giselle at the beach, only older and poorer….


and who wants to blow dry in the summer anyway? ¬†Heat on heat is not my idea of summer fun. Give your locks a break and put away the blow dryer and pick up the Surf Spray. ¬†You will achieve a tossed, “I Don’t Care” look that will suit you. ¬†Trust me on this one.

The third product is the one that has finally allowed me to achieve the kind of volume I love, but can’t usually get with my heavy thick hair.



Dryspun finish is a spray that creates texture and volume galore, but goes on light as air. ¬†Great for thin hair as well, spray this generously on your roots…you won’t feel anything at first, because this spray is that light, and you may think the only thing in the can IS air…. but when ¬†your done, you will see your volume explode right before your eyes. ¬†VaVOOM! ¬†KAPOW! ¬†BIG HAIR! ¬†Not sticky or gooey like hair spray, this product literally does feel like air when it’s being sprayed. ¬†But you will know it’s there when you look in the mirror and see all that HAIR.

Great for women who have noticed some thinning over the years, but hate the stiff hair sprayed look.

You can get all these products at the better hair salons, at Sephora, or online at

So there you have it.  Products for hair so lovely you may want to give The Crown a break!

Have a windswept day in May ~


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