Back from a short but sweet vaca with a tip you MUST take….

If you don’t subscribe to Netflix, get it… Today!

Then download the 13 episodes of the new show “Grace and Frankie”. Trust me on this.

Created by Marta Kauffman, who gave us “Friends”, finally we have a stylish, sexy, yet soul-filled comedy for the over fifty crowd….and it is FABULOUS!

Starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin (reuniting for the first time since the smash movie 9 to 5,) Martin Sheen, Sam Waterson and a terrific supporting cast, it’s the story of Grace and Frankie.


These two are as opposite as two women can be, but when life tosses them a BIG ONE, they become each other’s lifeline in a sad but somehow hilarious stormy sea.

Grace and Frankie were married for decades to two men who were law partners. The opening scene of the first episode sets the premise. Their husbands invite them to dinner to tell them they are gay, in love with each other and have been for 20 years, and want to get married!

What evolves from there is the most laugh out loud funny, yet poignant and intelligent show to come along in years, if ever….and with it, further testament to the incredible power of the female friendship

(A topic I blogged about recently here,

and dear to my heart❤️)

The “peyote” scene, and Jane Fonda’s GORGEOUS wardrobe are worth watching alone, but Lily’s comedic genius, and scene stealer June Diane Raphael as “Brianna”, make this show the overnight hit it is.

PERFECT for Summer binge watching, (don’t you love Netflix dumping ALL episodes at once so you decide when to watch??) I guarantee you will see aging, over fifty dating, friendship and even sex in a new light.

The BEST news is that it’s was renewed almost instantly for a season two, and hopefully many, many more..




Thank you, THANK YOU NETFLIX, for giving us this gem and showing to the world …WE ARENT DEAD YET!!

Have a humor-filled, joyous weekend ~


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