OK….it’s time.

The last time I ventured into diet territory, I was just turning Fifty and wanted to do it well.

I cut back on portions (I eat good, healthy food as a rule), cranked my exercise up to a one hour walk in the morning, one half hour of dance and calisthenics at night, and poof! Twenty two pounds in three months with NO pain, all gain.

THEN, at the ripe old age of 56, I FINALLY started entering menopause…

And it’s Kicking*My*Ass!

Almost ten pounds this year alone, doing nothing different. Twenty total since Fifty.

I have cut out dinner, then night-time snacking (in that order…priorities!)…and still, the weight is rolling into my skinny jeans like the tide. Unstoppable.

Since I now have a knee that is cranky and a hip that did not appreciate my taking up running again last year, and won’t let me forget it, I can no longer “crank” the exercise to one and a half hours per day.

SO, time to diet.

I need to lose 20 pounds, but ten by Summer’s end

If you are waiting for me to admit my weight, you will have a long wait. Some things are for my eyes only. But I will tell you that, according to the BMI, my 5’2, muscular little body is a whisper away from being obese. A word that horrifies me. I’m healthy, perfect blood pressure, great cholesterol, strong heart, but OBESE? No,THANK YOU!!

So It starts today, June 1st, and YOU, dear reader, will be my conscience. No matter what, I will report back here every Monday with news, good or bad, succeed or fail.

You are coming along for the ride…

Please be kind!

I hate diet plans. Weighing, measuring, scheduling…aaaaaahhh! Not for me. I LOVE FOOD, and cook and bake as other people paint, garden or write. It’s my hobby, for christsake!! 😭

I will have to take up ceramics or pottery or yodeling for the time being, but it’s a small price for a smaller frame. My mandoline will now be used for julienne veggies instead of homemade potato chips. It feels like La petite mort, (French for little death) and it IS! But it’s for my health, and for preventing La BIG Mort, so I will soldier on…

I’ve devised my own diet, aligned to how I’ve live my life so I know I will stick to it (minus the croissant, ice cream or lobster rolls..)

I call it the KISS diet. “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” Here it goes….

AM  – large glass of hot water and lemon, to flush liver and jump-start metabolism. I do this daily already.

One egg or Greek yogurt 1%, and a small banana for potassium. One large, strong cup of Starbucks Dark Roast, with sweet and low and a dash of cream. Yes, half and half cream. Calcium, right? (Some things I just won’t give up! Not even for skinny jeans.)


lettuce, kale, spinach, tomato, cuke, red, orange, green peppers, French green bean, broccoli, mushroom, any combo, with a protein of grilled chicken, shrimp, black bean, cannelini bean, chickpeas or hard-boiled egg.


A piece of fruit, a handful of berries or a half of a KIND Bar.


any of the above proteins with the addition of steamed lobster meat (no butter) when I can afford it!! or a good piece of broiled fish, with steamed brown rice or quinoa, and a summer vegetable like zucchini, or a starch veggie like sweet potato or carrot.


A few cubes of a good cheese, a handful of nuts or a few slices of cold sweet potato if I haven’t had it for a meal.


But just one. Because I work hard. And I love myself. And wine. And it’s good for my heart…..OK?????

Once a week, I will go out and have what I want, within reason. But that will most likely be a sugar filled lemon or Cosmo martini. I prefer to drink my calories on a diet ; ) and some oysters or pate with crostini or good bread. Or a big, bad bowl of spaghetti and meatballs..or a delicious piece of filet mignon with pomme frites or a decadent lobster mac and cheese or a crusty slice of cheese drenched oily pizza…somebody STOP ME!!!!

OK, I’m recovered….

The other caveat is that I don’t like PLAIN food, so the veggies and protein will be heavily seasoned…I AM a cook, after all!  Some I use are….

Trader Joe’s Orange Champagne vinegar, absolutely delicious as a salad dressing. You won’t miss the oil!!

Any spice with Emerils name on it.

Old Bay for shrimp and chicken

Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and a splash of good EVOO where needed.

So that’s it! It can ALL be cooked in advance and assembled at the last-minute, heated or cold, which helps, because I’m a busy gal.

Combine that with a half hour morning walk, a half hour evening walk, some dancing when the mood hits, and a yoga class every week, and I should be good. If not, TOUGH! I will live with the weight. This is sound, healthy and what I am willing to do. If it doesn’t get the ten pounds off by September, and 20 by 2016, I will throw away the skinny jeans, buy some cool boyfriend jeans and blousy tops, and love myself anyway.

If it goes well, I may post pictures. If it doesn’t, you have a long wait…use your imagination, LOL!

Life is too short to not love yourself regardless

At the end of the day, if you know you give your all, Your all is ENOUGH!

Here we GO!!!!

Have a healthy week and love yourself first ~


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