Happy Monday!

Weight loss update…

Week One –

3.4 pounds down!

I’m thrilled! That’s about 13 sticks of butter. Good first week!

Not kidding myself though.

I had just come back from vaca and was getting hormonal, (yes, STILL, at 56 1/2!!) so I know most of that was water weight.

But I will shut up and take it.

And I even treated myself….outstanding Asian food Thursday night (Thank you, ALL Season Table in Malden…The ONLY place to eat amazing Asian IMHO!)







Drunken Noodles and Sushi Heaven.

And I had two glasses of champagne Friday night!

My kind of diet.

The rest of the week, Keeping It Simple, Stupid!

Greek Yogurt or hard-boiled egg, banana for breakfast with my HiTest Starbucks dark roast (with cream!).

Lunch was salad with chicken or shrimp and lots of veggies. Trader Joes Orange Champagne vinegar for dressing.




Snack was a peach or berries.

Dinner consisted of chicken, shrimp or crab, brown rice, steamed or sautéed broccoli or green beans.

Snack was an always amazing glass of Rosé and a piece of cheese.

Lots of Pellegrino water on ice with lemon…and I walked 25 mins in the AM, 25 mins in the PM, and did yoga once.

And I made sure I always had a good book to read to keep me amused.

This week I’m reading Three Many Cooks by Anderson, Keet and D’amelio.

A great read if you’re a foodie.



Ironically, a book about family cooks and how food is a big part of their history. I have found that READING about food actually takes the edge off. I love food so much that I love reading about it as much as I love eating it or cooking it❤️ And this is a lively one. I can almost smell and taste the food they are regaling.

SO, week one in the books, a success.

Have a lovely, lite week, and take care of YOU, first❤️ ~


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