I’m over the moon theses days! FINALLY, great movies and TV shows with women who aren’t recently out of the womb as romantic lead characters, NOT playing dumpy grannies or crazy cat ladies, but smart,vibrant post menopausal forces to be reckoned with!


I’ll See You In My Dreams is a sweet, hope-filled film starring Blythe Danner.  In her seventies, she is positively LUMINOUS in this stunning, sexy movie about finding yourself late in the game. Better late than never, I say, especially if it involves the rakish, perfectly seasoned Sam Elliot.


It’s a poignant movie about Beautiful Blythes character Carol, who’s in a rut as the clock ticks away. She’s a widow with great friends (Mary Kay Place and Rhea Pearlman are adorable, as always) and a routine that keeps her moving, but not moving forward.

This film shows us that life can change, at any age, and bring breathtaking surprises with it.

And who knew that Blythe could sing???

I loved this one, and so did the critics.

Run out and see it, to show support for the great movies now being made with actresses who look and act like us.

Represent, Girls!

And you just never know what magic lies around the corner, if you are open to it!

Have a gorgeous Saturday and do something serendipitous…you never know where it will lead ~


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