One more pound down, seventeen to go!

I’m happy but not really. I know it takes awhile and slow and steady wins the race..

And I should be happy that it’s down and not up..

I sure didn’t kill myself…..but patience isn’t my virtue.

I went out three nights but chose carefully. I even went Salsa dancing, only to realize that its NEXT week and I got the date wrong!

And I wasn’t great with exercise. Barely got a good workout.

But I did walk Jesse, though he usually walks me.

Have you met my Jesse??


He keeps me honest. He walks ME, so at least when I’m out with him, I’m working!

I hope to not be so busy this week, (HA!), so I can do at least an hour a day of moving and shaking. I have found that with my metabolism, the only true way to lose is to crank it WAY UP by greatly increasing the exercise.

We shall see.

Catch you next week, and thanks for keeping me honest!

Have a productive one ~


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