I finally found it! A GREAT self-tanning product that doesn’t make you look like you have a ghastly skin disease!

If you’ve been following this blog, by now you know how I feel about sunbathing.

Dangerous, and at our age dumb. Show me a sunbather over fifty and I will show you age spots and crocodile skin.

And that’s if you’re lucky!

So I have become a self tanning devotee.

I’ve tried spray tanning, one great, two not so, and every self tanning product on the market, from the expensive St. Tropez to any drug store tube worth a look.

None have done the job til now.



When using a self tanner, you are first supposed to exfoliate within an inch of your life. After applying the product with the precision of a drill sergeant, you have to walk around naked, to air dry, for at least a half hour. Yikes!

Not with this baby!

I slapped it on, and was dressed within five minutes. I even apply it to my FACE every night before I go to bed. NO streaks, NO blotches!!

One word of advice. This comes in two shades, light and deep bronze.

I am a medium skin toned woman, and the light bronze is MORE than enough.

No more chicken white legs! No more skin cancer!

Healthy Summer skin for twelve bucks at your local drug store.


You’re welcome!!

Have cocktails on the beach tonite to celebrate the first day of what will be a long, bronzed, glorious Summer…and don’t forget to bring the Crown~



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