I’m  a couple of days late with the weigh in progress. Another half pound down with a total of four and a half pounds lost in June.

It will only get harder!

16 to go, and miles to go before I sleep….literally!

Here’s a delicious little salad I’ve been making that’s filling and oh so good for you!

Loaded with protein, light on fat and calories, PACKED with nutrition!



Delicious, and keeps up to five days in fridge! Try it!

Next, if you love Glen Campbell, or if you love someone suffering with Alzheimer’s, or if you want to see what a day in the life of this dreaded disease that strikes one in seven adults is like, watch this brilliant documentary on CNN..


But bring lots of tissue. Of all the things I’ve seen pertaining to Alzheimer’s, which my beloved Dad suffers from, this is the “Nail on the Head” most accurate account of what it’s like from the perspective of a caregiver or family member. So heartbreaking. But watch it to see the small miracle….

Even though Glen is seriously struggling with memory and perception and sense of time, he can still sing like a country angel, and his legendary guitar skills STILL put today’s pups to positive shame! There is proof that genius, TRUE genius, transcends our brains and is Spirit based at its core. It’s tough to watch, but uplifting as well.

We lose these loved ones in bits and pieces, but if you look closely, their essence and spirit still shines brightly.

This is being rerun on the HLN Network Friday at 8PM, and Saturday at 9PM on CNN.

With cameos by everyone from Blake Shelton to Springstein, Keith Urban to Paul McCartney, it’s a touching tribute and a gut wrenching watch.

But watch it because you will be smarter and better for having seen it.

Godspeed, Glen and family❤️

Have a healthy week~


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