Reflection and Resolve ~




Growing older gracefully is as much a mental endeavor as it is physical challenge.

If you do it well, you finally grow into who you were meant to be. People’s opinions of you no longer matter.  You can rest your head at night saying “right or wrong, today I did the best I could,” drifting off to a peaceful sleep. That’s success.

If you practice compassion and act with kindness for those who need it, but can distance yourself from the energy drainers, that’s success.

If you can strive to do one good thing for someone as a quotidian practice, knowing it comes from a heart centered place and not a place that demands recognition, that’s success.

Remember Karma? Someday you may need that kindness in return.

If you can surround yourself with people who truly love you and have your back, that’s success….and if you are willing to walk through hell for those people in return, that, too is success.

It’s not easy to be a work in progress. It means cultivating a willingness to change what doesn’t work or serve you, and being kind enough to yourself to celebrate and honor what’s GOOD, because everybody’s got something!

It also means not letting other people define you, though they will certainly try. The childhood friend may still see you as the tomboy who climbed trees, the high school friend may recognize you as the big-mouthed disco queen,  the boss from your first job may still see you as the shy, nervous people pleaser, despite what you’ve accomplished.

And guess what? Parts of you still hold these things. They are a part of your story….

But people who are strong, smart and truly honor themselves, and the gift of their one life can’t be defined by any one label. They are constantly evolving, letting go of beliefs that no longer serve and clinging tight to the ones that do. And always, always re-evaluating and adapting. Life changes, and so should we.

To say that change is growth is anything but cliche…it’s a powerful truth, that when adapted, can bring great, joyful energy to your life.

Trying  to be the best person you can be is, in my humble opinion, as integral a part of growing older gracefully as any wrinkle filler or skin cream you choose. It signifies that  you are grateful for the gift of these later staged years to tweak and polish your life so that it ends with an exclamation point(!)

How many of your friends and relatives died too early, and never enjoyed this gift of the time to get it right?

This Work In Progress is not going to waste mine.

How ’bout you?

Have a Blessed week~


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