Four homes in thirty years of marriage…some tolerated, some much loved…time to downsize. Time to let go.

A house can be many things…..a home, an oasis, a loveless prison or a comforting embrace…a shelter from the storm, or the eye of it. Depends on how your journey is unfolding when you reside there.

Working in real estate, I’ve seen a lot of tears at house closings. Happy tears when couples are moving their family into a dream home, sad tears when the sale is due to death or divorce.

This Fall, I’ll be packing up my own home. Nine rooms are too much for a shrinking family. The Nest is getting emptier, and my husbands knees can no longer keep up with lawns and stairs. Mixed feelings abound.


I loved this home for its gorgeous bones, fragrant Honeysuckle vines and Sweet Peas all through Spring and Summer.


I loved the way that, when the moon was full and reflecting on the snow-covered yard, it positively glowed. And OH, that gorgeous Maple outside my  window in Autumn. My whole kitchen was illuminated in golden light.

I loved the hearth sized fireplace that warmed us many a night, and the porch swing on the veranda, where we rocked the nights away.

image image

I also had a lot of tough times in that house.

Days that completely broke my heart, but did not break me.

As I go from room to room now, de-cluttering and preparing for the next family, I will come across something that triggers a memory in me. If the memory is a bad one, I allow the tears to flow….one last time.

It’s important for me to honor the bad memories as well as the good. It’s was because of the bad memories that I became the woman I am today….strong, courageous like even I can’t believe, and living with an open heart despite all the times it broke. So important were the lessons….

Even though I was only in this house for the past ten years, I call it the house I grew up in. I’m on my way to becoming the person I want to be because of everything I have experienced.

I am grateful beyond words, not for the pain, but for the lessons learn, that sometimes only come from pain.

I’m currently reading a highly recommended book about a woman traveling a later life journey, and the cottage she brought back to life while rebuilding her own. Fascinating and heart warming, it makes me anticipate and not dread what comes next.

The Bee Cottage, by France’s Schultz is a lovely, life affirming read.




If you are getting ready to make a major life change, this little book may help you anticipate the road ahead. After making a mess of her own life, the author found a much neglected little cottage and gave it a name, “The Bee Cottage”. With each wall torn or plastered, she lovingly created a home, and a life, worthy of the next leg of her journey.

Someday I want a Bee Cottage, but not yet. I dream though….

Here is my collection of dream cottages so far.


image image image image image

But big or small, you have to remember one thing. Home is inside of you. It’s not your physical space, although it sure helps to have one that nurtures and not stresses you. Home is in your soul, where your memories of love, joy, hope and goodness reside….where your future plans,your gratitude and most important, where your peace lives.

As Glenda the Good Witch said..”You had the power all along, My Dear!”


I leave you with some lyrics to a favorite song, “Give Me The Simple Life”

Have a simply lovely weekend, wherever you call home ~





  1. Colleen Delaney says:

    I love the idea of a “bee cottage”, I want one! “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” – Dr. Seuss


  2. iolacontessa says:

    BEE COTTAGE was a lovely read……….as was your POST!


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