I’m a novice, albeit passionate photographer.  I love capturing beauty, even more, now that I have a 50 plus memory!  If I can’t recall the moment, I pull up my digitals, and I’m right back in that space and time.

On my never-ending quest to be a better photographer, I’ve amassed a few things that have helped tremendously…things I think are just.plain.great!

I love my Nikon, but I only carry it with me when I set out to photograph a new place or special event, but the best pictures are in the small, everyday moments

image image

If you pay attention, they are there in bounty.

So for those moments, it’s the iPhone 6+.

Gorgeous camera, made even better by the right apps and accessories.

My first find is the Camera+ app.


In a review, the Wall Street Journal says “The Clarity filter in the Camera+ app is iPhone photography’s secret sauce.  It adds pro camera crispness to almost any shot.”

TIME Magazine awarded it a 50 Best iPhone apps award in 2014 with this testament…”If the iPhone’s standard camera is like a digital point-and-shoot, the Camera+ app is like a high-quality SLR lens”

Winner: Best Visual Design, Best Photography App – Best App Ever Awards

Take a look….

Here’s a photo taken with my iPhone 6+, at my desk.


Here’s the same photo taken with my iPhone 6+, using the Camera+ app, with NO editing…


The next BIG THING on the scene of iPhone photography is the DxO One, which is new and setting the photography world on its head!  Called “a ground breaking camera in an extremely small package” by The Digital Photography Review, this pricey piece of technology turns your iPhone into an SLR worthy of a professional photographer.

Look how small it is, attached to your phone!


Portraits, low light settings, fast action, everything is crisper, clearer and sharper, with amazing color and bokeh.

Here are some shots taken when the DXO is attached to the iPhone, (which takes but a twist..and boom, you’re on!)image




This camera accessory isn’t cheap.  In fact, it costs about as much as the iPhone 6 with a $600 price point.  But if you are serious about photography, and want an addition to your phone that not only enables you to take professional quality shots, but fits in your pocket, this is your must have for Christmas 2015!

And so we don’t leave the SLR cameras out of the discussion, here are a few things I love for the Big Black Box….

Did you ever want to haul your gear to a wedding in style?

Look no further…..

First is a gorgeous, to-DIE-for camera bag and some Crown Worthy camera straps if you are a photo fashionista, all from Bloomtheorystraps.com



Did you see anything you love???

Next, I also love a company called CapturingCouture.com

Even more adorable camera straps and accessories.

Here’s a strap covered in roses…and a few more to enjoy.



Finally, I received the best piece of advice regarding photography from my nephew Paul, as I was preparing to travel to Paris for the first time..He simply said “Auntie K, don’t forget to look up.”


How right he was….

If you look up, and you live in New England, you will notice that the leaves are just starting to change.  In a few weeks, you are going to be treated to Autumn, ablaze with color that will take your breath away.


Charge your batteries, grab your cameras and get out there and look up!

You won’t be sorry.

Have a lovely weekend, and capture a memory.  They are there for the taking! ~


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