I’ve been a busy girl, and I’ve lost track of the months, but I think this is month 9 in the going gray transition.

I had to tweak it at the hairdresser this month. Nice only going every two months instead of every three weeks,  but it was necessary. My ends, which were bleached and highlighted to ease in the gray, were getting yellowish.

You remember Bridget, my “Color Whisperer” who missed her calling as a chemist??

I would take a bullet for this young lady, she’s that talented❤️

FullSizeRender 30

She highlighted my ends with a platinum white blonde this time, and it blends much more seamlessly with the gray.  The fact that the back of my hair is still 80 percent brunette is another story, but in its own time, I guess…

From this….


To this…….


We are making progress!

On to some Crown Worthy things for Fall…

The color garnet, which I can only wear in small bits, is reported to be huge this Fall. Apparently, so are crowns!!👍🙏👸


Next, continuing with the Crown theme (because you can’t have TOO many,) is this limited edition coffee travel mug I found at my local Starbucks yesterday.


How adorable is that?

It’s a heavy glass mug, with gold leaf trim.  Too heavy for my travels, but perfect for an office conversation starter.❤️

Starbucks must have received my “Wear Your Crowns” memo!

Next, because I bought my iPhone Six Plus two MONTHS ago, Apple released its latest version this week.

Let me state that I’m really not upset. I ADORE my 6 plus. It’s the first phone I’ve been actually able to read in, well, ever…the battery life is great and the camera A-mazing! It has even replaced my iPad on many occasions, the screen is that readable, the keyboard that user friendly!

The upgrades to the latest version includes a bit longer battery life, (I’m fine with 9 solid hours, thanks!), and a better camera. But if you read my last post, you know I’ve got a DSLR capable camera ATTACHED to my iPHONE, via the DXO…..way better than anything Apple has put out to date.


So I, not missing the improved camera.

I will say I love the new rose gold and pink phone….


Very girlie-girl….But I have this leather case from SENA cases, that’s strong for all the times I drop my phone (waay too much!)


Same color, much stronger, and who doesn’t use a cover anyway???

My last find is an oldie, but new to me.

I’ve struggled with soft, paper-thin finger nails my whole life.

I did the acrylic nail for about 12 years, which didn’t help. Actually made them worse.

Then I switched to gels, but had a bratty habit of peeling them off before I could get to the salon for a soak. A HUGE no-no, and I have been yelled at in four different Asian dialects because of it!😩 The nails got even softer..

I decided to get serious and do some research.

I found that this product, Nail Defense by Orly, has been a game changer.


That, and taking a biotin supplement took my nails from soft to this, in four months…


That’s Terra Mauve, which my manicurist   convinced me to wear for this pic. Great for Fall, but not really my cup of tea. I’m liking the darker shades this season.

Whatever  you dial with, shoot with, drink out of, or paint the town and your nails with….have an epic, Crown Worthy weekend!~


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