OK, ENOUGH already about how superior French women are to every other feminine being on the planet!

Recently, I’ve noticed a glut of books on the market about how French women are perfect in every way.

Being a pseudo French woman by nationality, ( French Canadian, which means I’m REALLY imperfect by Parisian standards,) and an American by birth, I feel it’s time to knock our perfect French sisters down a few pegs….

First, the books……


Because no other woman could ever be quite so enlightened!!

And because no one can cook quite like THEM…..They cook like this EVERYDAY!!!

imageAnd when you’re rushing out the door to get your child to school, make the board room meeting, or hit the gym (which French women also NEVER do…they are magically thin) don’t forget to be CHIC and ELEGANT! This book will help….


And because it’s IMPOSSIBLE! to be as CHIC! and ELEGANT!  as a French women…we have a book to tell you how IMPOSSIBLE it IS!!!!!….Buy the book anyway….we need to keep French Women in expensive perfume to hide the cigarette smell…..(yes, that was catty….but true, and felt really good!)


They have secrets to feeling beautiful EVERYDAY!!! Ooh La LA!!!!!! That’s a lotta days, sister, non?image

And of course, there are things French women NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER do….


(Sure they do…)


Also not true…..I’ve seen the French women on the Metro. This book says they eat cheese, steak, chocolate, drink red wine, and never gain weight, which leads me to wonder what the eating disorder stats are in Gay Paree!

and my personal FAVORITE….


So French women don’t sleep alone, eh???? Ever??? I’m guessing then, that there has to be a LOT of cat hair between those 5000,000 thread count Parisian sheets!!

Spare me!

It must be very difficult to be so perfect.

But I’m guessing that, at the end of the day, French women are very similar to Italian women, American women, all women.

And I’m guessing that maybe they are getting as sick of the hype as we are. It’s brutal to be perfect!

One thing I know, for sure, about my American sisters….

We never say never!!!

Have a perfectly imperfect weekend ~


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