My magical City of Light, my broken heart.

I had hoped to return to Paris soon. I had more to see, more to experience. I wanted more of the flowerpots in every black wrought iron windowsill. I wanted the smells of sugar and roasting meat. I wanted the perfume in the air, and to gaze at the brilliant scarves, flowing from women rushing to work.

I wanted the energy, the passion, the red lips, the incredible wine.

I hadn’t finished touring the museums and gilded halls. I needed to see the seasons change through the Chanel and St.Laurent windows.

I needed to drink again the best coffee in the world, and eat the croissants that only Paris can claim.

I’d hoped to someday take a cooking class there, and really understand the seriousness that goes into producing the meal…the technique, the ingredients…so serious it becomes effortless…

I wanted one more infusion of the je ne sais quoi that can truly only be found in the magical City of Light…

I can’t return now, any time soon. The march of ISIS, and it’s religion of death, has destroyed Paris for me. It has contaminated my precious city, the place I go to in my head to dream and escape when days get tough.

Now I see images of bloodied bodies outside the last cafe I sat in.
I see images of people running in fear. I see 9/11, the sequel.

No matter what political ideology you ascribe to, no matter what party you vote for…..peace can no longer be obtained through “understanding one another” anymore than you could train your dog to stop barking by giving him a treat.
They want to kill us, and they will…unless the ENTIRE WORLD bans together to say “Enough!”
We must hunt down and destroy radical Islam, by any means necessary.

Peace through force….their lives or yours.
Dieu benit et garde ma ville de lumiere….💔



  1. Absolutely beautiful

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Colleen Delaney says:

    Well said Kathy! Beautiful description of what was a lovely city. My heart aches for the people of Paris.


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