Twenty four years ago, I started a tradition on my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.
Instead of going around the table, asking what my family and guests were thankful for, I made a rule…”if you don’t write it in the book, you don’t eat!”

At first, I was met with a lot of eyeball rolling and sighs . But I persevered. And can I tell you, 24 years later, my sons all remind me to make sure I dig out The Book for turkey day? We have to travel now for this holiday, and the rule has become “please don’t forget The Book!”

A simple few paragraphs written, (some years at gunpoint!) have become the most precious of family archives. Two of my sons could not even write when the book was new, and one not born yet. They would dictate as we wrote of their love, appreciation and a few Christmas requests thrown in for Santa.
Later came the crayon entries…then the teen years, creative writing and duct tape frames. Anagrams and angst slowly and tentatively became words mature and the sentiments, poignant.
We’ve lost some of the people in The Book, and some have come back to the family. Some are nearing the end, and we wonder “is this his last entry?” This makes it even more precious.
Someday, when I’m gone, I know The Book will be sitting on a table at my family’s feast.
I hope they remember that each year was beautiful, even the ridiculously hard ones…and oh, so very precious to me. And I hope they will always remember to take a few minutes to record their blessings….Because then they live forever.❤️

A new tradition, started last year, are these little delights…The Thanksgiving “Breakfast of Champions”, for we who have to get up very, very early and hit the road.  “Over the bridge, and through the woods, to Grandmother Jean’s house we go!”

Cinnamon buns, bacon feathers, candy corn beaks…that and a STRONG cup of Starbucks, and we can handle anything the Traffic Gods throw at us!
Have the most amazing Thanksgiving. And remember to tell the people around them how very much you love them…even if you must have a big glass of wine to do it! These are words I promise you will never regret saying..

👸 and don’t forget to set your scales back ten pounds!


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