This year, The holiday season was off to a bad start. The list of “must do” and “must attend”  was getting longer than my arm. I found myself becoming cranky and annoyed as I started making the endless lists and circling dates.

“This is not how I want to spend my time”, I found myself thinking over and over….

What to do?

Then I had an epiphany….this is MY one and only life, and for decades I’ve being living it to satisfy the desires  of others. It’s time for me to design a Christmas that resembles one I would like to celebrate..

and off I went…

Instead of spending Sunday at the mall running around with sore feet and too many packages, I saw a Nordic Christmas concert advertised at a local Episcopalian church.

I’m not Episcopalian OR of Nordic Descent, but it was just lovely…!


Then I made a tough call….to pass up one side of the family’s semi-mandatory Christmas party to go to see my parents, one who is ailing, and treat them to a weekend of high tea, laughter and reminiscing.

image image image


Next, a small but pleasurable departure from the Season of Stress. Leaving a work obligation later than expected, I took the time to pull off the road and watch this….


The sights and lights!

image image image

A Christmas martini and a Sound Of Music singalong❤️


We even squeezed in an OUTSTANDING movie….The Big Short,


Onto Christmas Eve…

A lovely meal at a reputable Asian restaurant after a beautiful church service…where they opened the windows because it was 68 degrees! A FIRST for this fifty-seven year old!

Christmas was an elegant brunch of Brioche French Toast and Barefoot Contessa “Crack” Bacon. Crack, because you eat so much you will need bacon rehab. Here is the recipe….

The day ended with my favorite drink by the fire…
image No stress, all JOY❤️  (And off tonite to see the movie, “JOY”, starring some of my favorite actors.)

New Years Eve next, then off to what I KNOW is going to be an extraordinary year….my way!

Have an authentic week ahead, and Happy New Year!

Make it YOURS~



  1. I love reading your blog. You are a girl after my own heart! It is about time we start doing what we enjoy and what makes us happy. For years we have put everything and everyone else’s needs first. I agree with you that it is our time “to really live life, enjoy and have some me time”! As women, we need to stop feeling guilty too about doing what makes us happy. Bravo to you for enjoying your Christmas! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed the pictures.


    • Colleen, your are one of the women I think about when I write….optimistic, ageless, and smokin hot! I should feature you in my next “Women We Love” post❤️


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