As mentioned previously, in 2016 I decided to challenge myself to take better pictures by joining the “52 Saturdays” Group.

The idea being that you set out consciously to get a great shot somewhere. Unlike “Picture Of The Day”, it can’t be a spontaneous shot, but a mindful excercise.

Full disclosure…the day before, I started a cleansing diet of no caffeine, sugar, alcohol or dairy.

I guess I underestimated how badly the caffeine withdrawal would be.

I started my day feeling a bit lousy at 6 AM, but needed to walk, so I thought I’d capture something in the overcast cemetery.

This little angel was quietly waiting for her close up on the chilly, snow capped morning….


As the walk dragged on, it became very clear to me that I was withdrawing from caffeine in a BIG way.

The walk was cut short, and crushing headache, nausea, etc. ensued.

I ended up in bed for the next 24 hours, binge watching Downton Abbey.
(Where have you BEEN all my life?)…..

So if my 1st of 52 Saturdays is to be honestly reflected, it’s this image….(the only one I could show without scaring you!)


Hopefully, that’s my quota for winter ills.
The good news is I’m down five pounds, but would take those pounds over how I felt yesterday, any day!

And a big THANK YOU, to my wing man, husband extraordinaire, for the care yesterday.

In sickness and in health, you’re the greatest❤️

Have a healthy week!~



  1. Colleen Delaney says:

    Looking forward to your pictures! You are a lucky girl to have such a great hubby who is there for you when your down. That says it all right!!!! Welcome 2016!!!


  2. We are both lucky girls, indeed!❤️


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