Winter in New England.

Since the days of the Pilgrim, we New Englanders have been enduring.

Mountains of snow with nowhere to put it, ice that never seems to melt, no matter how much salt you apply. A transit system built-in the 1800’s that can’t possibly withstand another winter, but does with break downs daily. Bone weary cold, gray days.

So we hunker down, find ways to be happy, and things to look forward to.

The Super Bowl is a huge event (even when our Beloved Patriots AREN’T in it, which isn’t often!)

Valentines Day is next, but that can be a “salt in the wound” day for those not in love.

Every Bostonian is Irish on St. Party’s Day, and next thing you know, it’s Opening Day at Fenway Paaak, and Marathon Monday! Spring returns, and we’ve stared down another winter, tough as we are.

We aren’t, however, immune to the damage winter does to our skin and hair.

The week the heat gets turned on inside is the week we start slathering…..oil, lotions, cream, moisture, moisture, moisture!

Here are a few things I CANNOT.SURVIVE.WITHOUT over the cruelest of seasons….


By my favorite hair product line of all time, Bumble and Bumble, this hairdressers oil has CHANGED my hair. (Especially now that I am growing out to grey, and grey hair is more brittle), this light weight oil is magic. Two drops, rubbed into your hair after shampoo, and your hair is shiny and healthy all winter, with no fly away static! It’s pricey at $37. a bottle, but it will be the only one you buy, lasting like, ever! They also have smaller sizes at Sephora, so check there, as well. I wrote about this in the oil last summer as well, but it’s so good it bears repeating..

Next, Josie Maran Argon Oil. An oil so light, it melts into your skin in minutes and stays put, offering protection from drying heat and bitter cold air. It’s so light you can use it alone, but I mix a drop into my moisturizer AND a drop into my foundation when I wear it. Within minutes, no oils sheen, just a nice supple look. REALLY good stuff as our skin ages and gets thinner. You can use it on your hair as well, but I like the Bumble Oil better.

Next, from Rosebud Perfume Company, this little tub of salve, fairly tinted pink with light rose scent, can be used on your lips, elbows, knees and even your grandbabys bottom. It’s that pure, but oh so effective at eliminating dry chapped lips and skin. I keep several pots in my car, on my nightstand in all pockets and I honestly never have dry lips anymore.

Finally, if you have less than perfect skin, I urge you to try this next product.


Touché Éclat Blur Primer by Yves SaintLaurent was the years BIG FIND for me. Use it before putting on your makeup and you will wonder how you ever lived without it. It smoothes your skin to silk! Fills in the tiny lines, scars, etc, and unlike most blur creams, it actually has tiny teeny gold flecks that you almost can’t see. (If you look closely at my inadequate picture above, you can see the flecks.) But when you apply it to your face, you radiate like a Golden Goddess! Pure health in a bottle. Perfect if you’ve been on a long flight or had too much to drink, or BOTH!😉 Just massage it into your skin and wait for it to melt into liquid glow.

Also sold at Sephora, be prepared for sticker shock, and be prepared for it to be sold out!

Winter is here again, and we may as well make it brilliant.
Bundle up, get out there and have an amazing weekend ~


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