Last week, I spent the better part in bed with Attack Of The Killer Bronchitis. 2016 hasn’t been kind in the health department! I’m soldiering on, however, and I’ve even lost 13 pounds on my supposedly health inducing diet. I’ll take it, but I don’t do well being sidelined with illness.
My Saturday photo day gave me a good excuse to get out of bed,go visit my salon, and my favorite “color whisperer”, the lovely Bridgette. I always feel better after, and got my Saturday shot to boot!


Spending so much time in bed has some benefit. I caught up on my reading, and finished “Boys in trees”, the veeeery interesting autobiography by Carly Simon. She and Sean Connery, who knew?


Turns out, Carly is a really good writer, and the bio is chock full of antidotes from the Seventies. From Sweet Baby James, to Warren, Paul and Linda, Mick, et al, it is an enjoyable read. Made me want to dig out my fringe vest and guitar….if I had a guitar!
See you Saturday. Who knows what I’ll capture then??



  1. Day 1 done – slept like a baby last night for the first time in for-ever! Swimming in water, but I actually think my skin looks better today – first day in a long time I haven’t had to put on BB cream to go to work! Excited to see what the scale says on Sunday.


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