Can it be that another Valentine’s Day is almost here???

How time flies when you’re having fun!

In my house, we have a motto that “everyday is Valentine’s Day”. We don’t wait for special occasions to say “I love you”, or to do something nice for one another. Why let the advertisers dictate when you should pay attention to your partner, when, with a little effort, you can do it all year long? It’s the little things that matter. The things that mean more than a dozen roses ever could.  The gestures, the kind word, or the quiet support. Having one another’s back. Those are the things that cement a relationship.

HOWEVER…we DO like treats! So what better day to gift the one you love than on the day of love. Forget flowers on Valentine’s Day.  So unoriginal, so easy.

Here are some things that would surely please your mate on Valentines Day…

Tickets to a romantic show, like this one, would be GREAT paired with a nice dinner, or after show cocktail and dessert at a lovely bistro.

Remember these two?


The FABULOUS Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neil of “Love Story” fame have teamed up again after decades to bring a poignant joy to this long standing romantic play. The reviews are great! Check to see if it’s coming near you. Perfect Valentines Day gift if you were touched by Oliver and Jennie, back in the day.❤️

Next, for the coffee lover in your life, and you all have one, this is some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. Black Bear Roasting Company in New Hampshire is a hidden jewel of a find. This mail order company delivers some outrageously good coffee beans straight to your door. You can buy it in half pound bags, or in bulk, and the selection is great. Trust me on this one…the quality and taste of this coffee will knock your socks off. The service is terrific and the price is comparable to a Starbucks bag…… But SO MUCH BETTER!


My favorite is this gorgeous blend, Country French. This rich, smooth blend is perfect for a weekend cup in bed with the papers…my idea of heaven!


Find it here… https://blackbearcoffee.com

I’m not a big jewelry gal….simple pieces, on occasion, and I’m good. But when I saw this Tiffany piece, I went MAD (for obvious reasons..😉) This will adorn my neck soon!❤️


At TIFFANY.com, your Queen will adore you❤️👸

If you still don’t know what to get your honey, friend, dog, child, etc, here are more ideas from last Valentine’s Day…


Finally, while Valentines Day is the day of love, never forget that the most important person to love is yourself. If you can’t figure out how to love and honor yourself, you can never learn how to really love and honor another. Put yourself at the top of that list!

Have a lovely Valentines Day❤️~





  1. Colleen Delaney says:

    Kathy, that was so great and uplifting to read. Your are so right about the little things that your honey does for you each day, and that is what really counts. Kev always go outs and starts my car in the cold weather. Cleans off the snow, gets gas in my car for me, and always put my favorite part of the paper in front of me on Sunday mornings. These are the little romantic things that count every single day! I am looking forward to seeing “Love Letters”! I loved “Love Story” as a young girl!
    Thanks for your blog, great ideas!!!! I just am sitting here with a cup of coffee that is not that great and enjoying reading this. What a nice way to start my day!!!!!!!!! And I will order that coffee from New Hampshire!!!
    Thanks and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!
    P.S. I love that Tiffany Crown. It will look great on you!!!!!


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