Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes (Turn and face the strange..) ~

Heloo, October!  I can’t BELIEVE how fast September went.


As some of you know, I went through a big life event last week. I closed up my big ol’ 9 room country club colonial, sold it to a lovely, starry-eyed couple (good luck, kids!) and moved into a 1300 square foot elegantly appointed apartment.  With about 1,000 neighbors and dogs!

I was really nervous at first, as I have never, in almost 58 years, lived in anything but a house.  Small as they were,  I always had my own space and my own land.

I entered into the next phase, however, with more excitement than trepidation.

You see, the best times of my life, in retrospect , have been the times of biggest change.  The bigger the change, the bigger my growth as a person, and the bigger the lessons learned.

I had been STAGNANT for so many years.  Something about being chained to taking care of a big house while working two jobs, and having so many empty rooms as most of my boys are gone, just left me feeling old.  The house had become a museum to the past, and I am all about the future.

I handed over the keys, thanked God for the memories, bad and good, and onward we went.

To date, I have meet such a melting pot of fine people in my new complex!  I’ve met hard-working, polite 20 somethings, Indian high tech professionals, a large Asian population with the MOST gorgeous babies and toddlers.  (Interesting about that culture…mom and dad bring the grandparents with them, wherever they reside, and have built-in baby sitters.  In the day, you see the grandparents in the playground or pool with the little ones, and at night, as they rest, the parents appear.  It’s a testament to that culture that family is everything.)

And then I met “Giselle”…..

Not her real name, but a dead ringer for the real Giselle, I noticed this lovely young Brazilian mom by the pool everyday with her  beautiful, blond, curly haired toddler.While everyone else poolside was gawking at her “Girl from Ipanema” beauty, I noticed something else….how utterly attentive and captivated she was by her little boy.  Unlike a lot of moms today, she did not have her face in a phone constantly.  In fact, she didn’t even carry one.  She was SO enchanted by her little guy.  I could tell she was a great mother. She looked however, a bit lonely.  I think, because she was so gorgeous, the other residents were a bit intimidated to even stand next to her bikini clad body, much less talk to her.

Luckily for both of us, I don’t intimidate easily, and I approached her to tell her what an awesome job I thought she was doing as a mom.  She broke down in tears and thanked me heartily.  We started talking, and she confessed that her baby boy, Franco, is the love of her life, but she misses her mom in Brazil tremendously.  She said there are days when she can’t take the loneliness, as her husband works long hours and her mom can’t Skype.  The more we talked, the more it became clear that the Divine Spirit had a plan for us….

I have been waiting for a young lady to come into my life for a long time.  With a husband, and three sons who have  no “serious” girlfriends yet, it’s a lonely existence for a woman in my house!  Even my dog, Jesse, is a boy!

The more I talked with “Giselle”, the more we bonded.  I told her she could call me anytime, night or day, and I would be there for her.  I will be babysitting for her so she can get back to her sport of running,and I can get my fix of baby love, and have a surrogate daughter for the time we both reside there and maybe onward.

The day we met, as we were parting, she asked me my name…when I said “Kathy” she burst into tears and hugged me….her mom in Brazil is named “Kathy.”

Coincidence or Divine Interveniton?  You decide.

If I hadn’t broken waaaaay out of my comfort zone to try new things, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am as of this writing.

Now, unemcumbered by that house, my husband and I have the time to embrace new things instead of raking lawns and fixing leaks.

We have lots of adventures awaiting, and I’m so ready for what’s ahead…

I may even try the Indian food truck that comes to the complex next Friday….; )  or maybe not…

Here’s a pic of my tiny tiny balcony…decorated within an inch of it’s life for Fall….Can you tell I’m a downsizer?


Have a glorious October, embrace the changing of the seasons of your life, and wear your crowns! ~





  1. Colleen Delaney says:

    Oh Kathy, I am so happy for you!!! What a wonderful read! I have to tell you that I so enjoy reading your blog!
    It is well written and always interesting and filled with so many inspiring little stories.

    That is so great that you are able to help that young girl out by being her friend and surrogate mom; especially at a time in her life when she really can use some support.

    Your balcony looks great and your new adventure sounds so exciting! Good for you for taking the leap and making a change.


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