The Book~

For the past 25 years, I have suggested, cajoled, pleaded and threatened my guests and family to record what they are grateful for in my leather bond Thanksgiving book.


This week,  I wrote my 25th entry….

You may not “get” all this,…but blessed I am…

“What a YEAR!!! 2016 was kind to the Richards. We transitioned from the home affectionately known as “Bedlam on the Burrell” to “Maison des Oak” with the speed and efficiency only a World Class Real Estate Agent could facilitate.😉

We had a lovely 4Th of July send off party, complete with fireworks and one last family baseball game..

Waaaay back, back, back in the field of dreams yard  knicknamed “Chex Mix Park.”⚾️


Then we made peace with Old Lady Potter, (who would never throw back the baseballs hit into her yard), gave the Adams family  neighbors a new fence, gave neighbor Ainsley my beloved geranium pots, and off we went!

I wish I could say that I treasured our time there, but as I get older, I prefer to always look forward and not back.  Too many good things ahead to exist in the past.

And what a year Eddie Mike had! A Salem State University degree finally under his belt, a huge accomplishment!  And then to meet the Lovely Nina, and start a job that he loves..It’s ALL good!


Kevin is content and loving his home, “Higher Ground,” and all its inhabitants..finding the peace he craves and deserves, exploring his spirituality, now that he’s free.


Camera shy Dan has risen to the call of adulthood by showing up, doing his job, slaying the dragons  and not losing his sense of humor along the way.  Big things ahead for Dan, he just doesn’t know it yet…

Also thankful for the A-mazing job my mom is doing taking care of my dad.  It’s grueling and exhausting, but she is showing me what it means when you say “in sickness and in health, for better or for worse”. I have such respect for the example she is modeling for me..Ed will be in good hands as the years go by, because of what I am learning from her…


and how thankful I am to still be sitting at a table with the Greatest Man Alive, Herb Delaney….


My first love, the bar was set high with him as my dad.  Kindness, compassion, selflessness and unconditional love from him, taught me to expect that of myself, and to accept nothing less from my partner.

Which brings me to my husband, the 2nd Greatest Man I’ve ever known, and the love of my life..what I ever did to deserve a person as good as him, I’ll never know. Thank you for the love, the laughs, and the Bruno Mars tickets! May we bloom and grow in the years ahead!

This year, we gained the lovely Nina, and lost an Icon, Uncle Norman.I love them both and am grateful for them.


Uncle Norm was so handsome, my blog could not find a worthy pic…a truly great man who’s kindness and generosity will be missed by all.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that I am grateful for my little muse, Jesse  Pinkman Richard, for loving me like a son loves a mother….It never gets old…even if you have four very dirty paws!


Finally, I want to thank God…the one I believe in….who has never, ever dropped me.  I’m not worthy, but I try!

The binding on “The Book” is cracking, after 25 years of blessings…so it’s time to start a new one..

How lucky am I?

Enjoy your blessings and give thanks everyday..for the good AND the bad…it’s the individual days that make up the total life…

How are you living yours?? ~

Have a lovely weekend, and shop less, love more, but if you HAVE to shop, shop locally today in support of all the great small businesses around you❤️👍


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