Je suis desole!  So very, very sorry.  I had to disappear for a while….

This blog was always intended to be a place of pleasure, and an outlet of creativity for me.

I’ve had such a busy year thus far, that getting the content together necessary to post a half way decent blog became another thing on my nagging “To Do” list.

I never want to feel like this blog was just another thing to check off the list of things to be done, so I shut it down.

I dearly apologize to those who have been checking in for a new post!  I value every second that someone spends here in my small little piece of the blogosphere, and I would never just throw something up that I didn’t think was worth you time.

I am back, and promise to do better…forgive me?

Lots to review, introduce and regale, so hang tight.

I won’t let you down.

More coming, but have you tried these…?


If you are like me, you like a nice cocktail, but not the calories that come with it.  I promise you, you will love these mixers!  By a company called be Mixed, these mixes are free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, gluten free, and here’s the best part….ZERO CALORIES!!  How did they DO that??? With the help of Monk Fruit, citrus zests and stevia, these cocktail mixers are the freshest, most delicious thing you can get in a bottle!  I would (and do) drink them without the alcohol, they are that good.

My absolute favorite is the Ginger-lime, but the Margarita and Cucumber-Mint flavors are terrific as well!

Purchase here:

And because it’s KENTUCKY DERBY DAY, (go Irish War Cry!!) I will be using the Cucumber-Mint in my Kentucky Derby Mint Julep…..


Here are some tasty recipes for the julep, but try one with the be Mixed cucumber mint someday…it takes this classic drink to a whole new level, and you waistline will thank you!
Kentucky Derby: The Most Delicious & Mouth-Watering Mint Julep Recipes

So whether you are watching on TV, there, or having a bash, enjoy the tradition, and Wear Your Crowns… (or a VERY big hat!)


Have a lovely weekend ~



  1. Colleen Delaney says:

    Hey Kathy, Glad your back!!!!!!


  2. Looks good! You should try our mixes! 🙂


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